Game stutering, XBOX game pass PC

Hello guys,
I recently downloaded the game through a new Xbox game pass for PC (beta). I enjoy the game so far, very fun.
However, starting yesterday when I loaded the game from the save and started playing it crashed and I had to restart my pc a couple of time. Once I fully got the game running again it stutters and freezes every time I press the start button or try to save. Saving is not happening. I tried resintalling game twice now but when I open it, it synchronizes the saves from cloud and stuttering continues again. I suspect that my save somehow breaks the game.
PLs advice on what to do! (((((

Hello @INSULTKARI, welcome to the community!

Does the issue persist if you start a new game, or does it occur with any other game installed to the same disk?

nvm found the issue, i started the game with WFI switched off and stuttering is gone now. i guess it’s got something to do with microsoft xbox cloud synchronization.

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Thank you for letting us know!

I have the same problem since today or yesterday (haven’t played a couple of days).
Everything worked fine for a while (got lvl 38), but as I logged in today I noticed it takes unusally long to get into the game (little freeze in the main menu after the “press any key” msg).

Moving, fighting etc. is still great and without any difference but as soon as I press Esc I have to wait around 25seconds (freeze), it takes another ~25seconds to be able to save and another ~25 to get back into the menu and keep playing.
Would be fine with me if this game would have a quicksave/quickload but kinda sucks in a tactical game where you constantly test things out and load old saves.

Thought it would have something to do with the new windows update (and deinstalled it), didn’t fix it.
Internet is still fine, so its not the WIFI or anything… :frowning:

Edit: Also there are little freezes (maybe 10seconds) after a level up. Might have to do with autosaves, I have no clue.

Another note:

  • Tried starting a new game and after I chose the difficulty I got an error near the save-symbol like “saving failed, not enough space”. Pressing Esc while the starting-cutscene also results in the described freeze.
  • Also noticed that there’s no freeze if I’m already in the menu and don’t click load or save. Clicking “Options” for example works flawless.

So seems like the freezes only appear for pc game pass users and only happen while the pc communicates with the cloud saves. Haven’t tested yet if its different if I enable offline play but I kinda want the achievments while playing.

Before this topic gets closed an answer would be nice. Problem still occurs with Game Pass.

Hey there @RBeckett, apologies for the delay in our response!

The issue has been registered and the developers are looking into it, please rest assured that we’re going to tackle it as soon as possible!

I can see there’s a few threads on this issue but haven’t seen a Dev response to any of them so I want to add my voice to the complaints. Just got Game Pass and I’ve been surprised by how well the Beta works generally but Mutant Year Zero freezes on the sign in screen. Very occasionally it gets to the menu and then freezes when I select “new game”. First time I got the pop up to “allow” the app access and have allowed it.

I have also run the app as Administrator, reinstalled it, and the error recurs. This feels to me like a problem that lies between the game and the Game Pass, rather than anything with hardware.

With the DLC coming out at the end of the month, is there a chance for a fix or patch to correct this issue? Just wondered if the team are in full crunch mode with the new content or if they are in discussions with people at Microsoft? Should I take this up with them too?

At release, it looks like a lot of critical bugs were immediately addressed. A bit disappointing that late adopters, such as myself, aren’t receiving the same treatment.

Hey, I also complained about that issue in another thread and its calming to hear that more and more people have the same issues, so it might get fixed and we can be sure its not on our site.

If you wait long enough you should be able to play (every freeze seems to fix itself after a while), just don’t try to save/load/press ESC that often. Might be an option if you just want to take a look at the game, because the first few levels are not that hard.

As I mentioned in another thread it looks like the problem is a malfunction in the communication between your pc and the save-cloud. Other games on game pass work flawless when it comes to saving and Mutant Year Zero did also until a few days ago. Decided for myself the long freezes are not worth of my time and stopped playing till they (whoever “they” is) fixed it. Also contacted XboxGamePass for PC on Twitter about it but got no answer till today.

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I actually got the demo on GOG to try it out - which works perfectly - and, predictably, loved the game. Really up my street. I might have a go at just waiting the freezes out, see how far I get.

Just tested it again (I just wanna continue this game…), still unplayable on Game Pass for PC.

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