[Xbox game pass on PC] ]Long Loading/Saving time

Loading and saving takes around 10 seconds, where the game is totally frozen. Quite often I get another box stating if I want to retry or use “cloud” data.

Anyone know a solution for this?

Right now the these freezes makes me loose the immersion and it’s unplayable for me…

Hey man, just take a look in the other newer threads here, there are quite some people having problems with the game-pass-version at the moment and there is currently no fix. They said they will patch it with the next bigger patch but theres no ETA.
I stopped playing the game till they fix it, cuz its been 10 days now and I’m kinda sick of it^^

Edit: Be glad its only 10seconds for you, I stopped and its 20-25 for me everytime^^

Thank you for the reply.

I might just consider pausing it as well until it’s patched…

Hello @Caanaz, welcome to the community!

As RBeckett mentioned, this issue will be addressed in the upcoming patch, which should hopefully come out towards the end of this month.

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