Game crashing to desktop under Xbox game pass

Im also suffering the crashing issue randomly when saving. Please fix this error, this game is awesome but this problem is ruining the experience.

Im on latest W10 version, playing under Xbox Game Pass.

I saw many other users having the same problem on reddit and here, it’s not an isolated random problem from a couple of dudes. It’s happening to many people, please take this serious developers!

Same thing happening here - crashes mostly when saving / loading / bringing up the pause menu. Sometimes just randomly during gameplay. Seems to be a widespread issue, many people reporting the same thing happening even on console (although this seems far less common)

I’ve tried disabling afterburner / RTSS, re-installing, rolling back drivers, updating windows, lowering resolutions / graphics quality, overclocking, underclocking, stock clocks…it happens on every setup / configuration.

It’s a shame, the game is great but at the moment pretty much unplayable

Sounds like a bug. Things turn laggy when is about to crash, and then it’s a lottery, but normally ends with crash.

This issue does not happen on Steam platform. Maybe it’s a problem with Xbox Game Pass.

Hi there,

I’m getting constant crashes through Xbox app on PC. Ryzen 7 3800x, 2080S

Initially when I first played I got a good couple of hours. Next time, only got maybe half hour. Now it’s constant where sometimes I can barely even load the save file. No error. Often when it crashes, it’ll lock most of windows functionality, it’s only through sheer persistence of windows commands that I’m able to do one of multiple methods to close the game properly so I can use windows again (I prefer to not force shut down).

The game seems a heap of fun from what I’ve played so far, almost was recommending it to people till I started experiencing this. Would love to play again.

Hey there. Started to play today and having exactly same problem. Crash on save,load or pause screen.

Game seems good but not playable for me.

Can anybody fix it?

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