Windows 10 Store version crashes repeatedly

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As reported in these two threads, the Windows 10 Store version of app crashes repeatedly. Usually on load and save, but sometimes during normal gameplay too. See these threads:

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Pointless response:
I’m having same issue. Keeping it installed till hopefully there’s a patch.
If it helps I have R7 3800x and 2080S

Thank you for the response. It sounds as if it is a common problem. I just wish I knew how to properly report a problem like this.


+1 here. I honestly wish I could have played this but it crashes literally every 15 minutes. I disabled autosave after combat which helped a little bit but it still happens on manual saves or just opening a chest or moving between zones. :frowning:

Please fix this?

Doesn’t look like these forums are monitored by Funcom.

Hi all this is a email I tried sending to the bearded ladies. Still waiting on a reply. Is this what everyone is experiancing?

I Am trying to play Mutant Zero Year road to Eden

I am able to load the game and play it but the game keeps crashing me out to the desktop, I am playing on the xbox gamepass for windows.

Things I have tried

Checked windows and GPU are fully up to date, this includes windows major update.

I have lowered the graphics in game from High to Medium

I have lowered the resolution from 1440p to 1080p

I have put anti aliasing to the lowest setting

Turning Vsync off and on

underclocking the GPU

the game seems to crash when it is saving:

open a chest

Finish a battle

Fast travel to different locations

travel to new locations

but it is now constant.

My PC specs are:

CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 3800x

GPU - Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Super

Motherboard - Asrock x570 Phantom Gaming ITX

RAM - Corsair 16gb 3200mhz

Stoarage Intel M.2 1TB

Eternet - Cable

The temperatures are fine and not an issue and the memory is not going past 40%

Do you ahve any suggestions as I do not want to stop playing this game but as it stands it is unplayable

Thank you


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Hi all.

As there is no response regarding this I have sent a direct email to them and will respond on here with a fix IF I get one but I do not hold much luck


Same here, the game crash randomly, is unplayable. I read in reddit that this happen in all consoles.

Ryzen 9 3900X
64GB a 3200hz
G1 Gaming GTX 980 ti
2TB M.2 Raid 0

Exactly what I’m experiencing Emin3m41.


Possible simple solution. Could other people please test this also.

I like everyone here was having constant crashes with the Gamepass version of the game.

Under video settings I switched it to Fullscreen. It had previously defaulted to Windowed Fullscreen.

Since I have done that I have not had 1 crash in over a week’s time where as before I was getting constant crashes just in one play session.

I think you’re lucky or something else changed, as mine has been on Fullscreen for quite some time.

Mine just keep crashing on starting up, any ideas?

Here’s crash report

I wonder if the crash reports are actually sent somewhere and viewed by anyone. Doesn’t seem that way.


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