Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden crashes on Xbox one x

When my party travels back to The Ark, the game crashes. This is on an Xbox One X. It also crashes sometimes when traveling to other zones.

This started happening after I opened up the Izza and Fala zone, and now it occurs often.

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On pc it freezes the whole game after 10-30 minutes of gameplays. Every platform is getting crashes.The devs are NOT answering to this issue. Been posting for 2 days and tweeting @ them. No answer. Bethesda apparently showed u can stop caring whatever happens to your game after u get that cash money. Love the game. Too bad such a game breaking issue is not taken care of from day one it appears (3 days of trying to contact then). I have 17 hours in the game and around 50 pc resets on a i7-8700k and gtx 1080. Thats just a shame cause the gameplay and story is probs one of the best this year. Devs need to fix their sh*t and answer back to people that FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THEM BY BUYING THE GAME.

I too have this problem with the Xbox. Game has crashed 6+ times in the few hours I’ve played it.

Also has weird stuttering issues that affect sound as well as everything else.

Fortunately it’s on Game Pass and I noticed the pass going for $1 right now, so money-wise I’m not too bothered.

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