The game crashes during a movie

during a particular movie, always at the same point, the audio starts to feel metallic and the game freezes and I have to force the game to close and restart it, but every time I restart it during the movie the same thing always happens. This only happens during the movie the game works well.

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…The devs are NOT answering to this issue. Been posting for 2 days and tweeting @ them. No answer. Bethesda apparently showed u can stop caring whatever happens to your game after u get that cash money. Love the game. Too bad such a game breaking issue is not taken care of from day one it appears (3 days of trying to contact then). I have 17 hours in the game and around 50 pc resets on a i7-8700k and gtx 1080. Thats just a shame cause the gameplay and story is probs one of the best this year. Devs need to fix their sh*t and answer back to people that FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THEM BY BUYING THE GAME.

I agree. the game is very valid but the problems that at the moment are many, we hope they solve them as soon as possible.