Game Crashes When Fast Traveling to Ark (Xbox)

Loving the game so far, but every time I fast travel back to the Ark the game crashes. I’m playing on Xbox. I’m loving every minute though, reminds me a lot of Wasteland 2!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:

Are you able to fast travel to any other area in the map? Is it only crashing when you fast travel to the Ark?

Yes, the game only crashes when I fast travel to the Ark. Fast traveling from the Ark works as normal and when I fast travel from one zone to another it works as normal too. I’ve only made to the House of Bones so far though.

Thanks for the reply.

I have the same problem but for me it is indeed every time a fastravle it just boots me to the Xbox dashboard no matter where when I reboot I’m in the place I was going to fastravle to so that’s nice hahaha.

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Thank you very much for giving me some extra details. What kind of Xbox are you using to play? Regular Xbox One? One S? One X?

Hi, i’m having the same issue with fast travel. Does not happen when travelling between diff parts of map, but always when i travel to the ark or from the ark, it’s annoying but not game breaking because when you get back into game you click continue and you are at your chosen destination.

I’m playing on an Xbox One S with the latest firmware and software

I’m playing on the regular Xbox one.

Same thing for me too but crashes during fast travel in general…not always but regularly.Playing on Xbox one x.Ive also experienced a crash to dashboard after a manual save.Tried hard reset Xbox but still problem persists.

High Voltage are looking into the issue. We will keep you posted!

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Just adding that I run into this crash to dashboard when attempting to fast travel, as well.

2016 Standard Xbox One

While the crash is instant, I noticed that my game save is suprisingly updated to the intended fast travel point once I re-enter the game.

Hello, this is also happening on my PS4 (regular)

Game crashes on every platform. On pc it freezes the whole system whilst voicelines in the background still are going. Anywhere, at any time. Every 20 min hard resetting the pc. The devs are not even answering. Trying to contact them for the past 2 days. No answer. Get that cash money, bethesda way. Gun and run.too bad cause this could have been the best game I played this year, just the sheer dissregard towards game breaking issues and finding a fix to sowmthing that can mess my hardware, just cause they dont want to address this issue. No fix, no com, no support, no nothing.

Also experiencing crashes here, on both an Xbox One S and One X. It happens when fast travelling , especially to or from the Ark. Also frequently crashes after talking to the Elder in the Ark.

The crashes occur once or twice per hour and are getting really frustrating.

I am having the same issue on the Xbox One X. It has happened since I started the game. Whenever I fast travel to the Ark or travel from an adjacent section of the map it crashes back to the Xbox dashboard. At least I can restart the game and load an auto save and it will load into the Ark.

Other than that, I am enjoying the game so far.

The console porting house (High Voltage Software) are looking into this with high priority. Expect this to be patched very soon. /Mark

For got about this forum post but I am using Xbox one x I’m quite farther in the game it’s not as crashy but I barley fasttravel now unless I’m more then 2 zones away from ark

When my party travels back to The Ark, the game crashes. This is on an Xbox One X. It also crashes sometimes when traveling to other zones.

This started happening after I opened up the Izza and Fala zone, and now it occurs often.

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Hey there,

I’m merging similar threads reporting this issue.


Hey guys!

We have a new patch out for the Xbox One that should take care of this crash: