MYZ Xbox One Update [17.12.2018]


Hey everyone!

We have a new patch available for the Xbox One version of Mutant Year Zero! This will roll out a heap of new fixes for the console version, chief among them a crash bug when fast travelling to the Ark.

We will also continue to chip away at other critical issues. Please continue to provide us with feedback and bug reports.

Critical Fixes

• Fix for possible permanent character slot loss in Iron Mutant mode
• Fix for game freeze in the tutorial
• Fix for a crash while fast traveling

Bug Fixes

• Fixed enemies dropping wrong loot after loading a save
• Bug fix for status icons staying on some dead characters
• Fixed health bars not appearing after loading a save game
• Fixed the health bars not displaying correctly
• Fixed turn notification not always displaying correctly
• Fixed destructible walls with too low threshold
• Fixed collision issues in Spear of Heaven, The Sea Titans, The Forbidden City, The Castle of Light, Hammon’s Cabin
• Fixed body bags not fading properly
• Fixed 2 artifact descriptions
• Animation fix when using Hog Rush
• Fixed the alert state not correctly being maintained when loading save game
• Improved performance for Mothership
• Fixes to the flashlight state
• Fixed Iron Mutant bleeding out bug
• Players can correctly view weapons of characters that are not currently in their party
• The bonus on Moth Wings now displays correctly
• Swapping characters in squad no-longer resets mutation cooldown
• Fix for incorrect teleporting into castle
• Fix for teleporting through Lux’s gate exploit.
• Fixed incorrect “Save Failed” dialog when starting a new game

Balance Fixes

• Balanced Stoneskin cost
• Mind controlled enemies can no longer be blinded
• Fixed mind control cooldown with melee attacks
• EMP weapon modifications less OP
• Plutonia now does double damage with her chainlighting
• Enemies no longer drop small batteries
• Stoneskin now absorbs melee attacks

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