XBOX ONE - Various Bugs

Loving the game so far on XBOX. Have run into a number of bugs.

  • Cursor is not moveable when initially loading into the ark. When you go to your inventory and back again it works.

  • Various sounds bugs where a static sound appears. Had this happen in a store every time I scrolled down from one item to the next. The other instance was when switching between characters.

  • Grenades not being able to be thrown from a door way when standing behind high cover. Had this happen on a train, I could not target anywhere outside of the train. No issue with gun targeting for line of sight.

  • The un-hide command dissapearing off of a character, seen with the Y display over their heads usually. That just vanishes sometimes and that character can not un-hide.

  • Torch / Flashlight being toggled on after an ambush concludes and target is killed (often resulting in revealing the party and triggering the entire map). This seems random, going into ambush and going to hide is all from sneaking so no idea why it ends this with the light being on. Very annoying.

  • Mutations do not show the proper cool down in the inventory screen. Super super annoying when you rely on this to be accurate and then get surprised when you can not use an ability you thought you had available. In combat they are accurate.

  • Characters left floating in thin air when enemies destroy terrain (ground) underneath them.

  • Moth wings being left animated and staying on persistently after combat ends and during regular movement.

  • Loading into new zones facing the exit for some reason.

That’s all that I’ve come across so far. Hope you guys get this fixed. Love the game so far.

There was an Xbox One patch today that fixed some of these (hopefully!):

Most of the others I’ve seen reported but there’s probably a couple of new ones in there.

Glad you’re enjoyit it, too!

Cool, hopefully they get these issues fixed in the next patch. These are all current issues that were listed.

Some new ones to throw on the block for you guys:

  • The UI disappears on the Grave of The Ancients map from time to time. I.e. lootable items can not be looted because the display is not there. Can not change from grouped up to split up in the group. The portraits remain but other UI functions go away. A save and reload fixes this.

  • EMP sounds persists map wide after defeating a Z600 enemy if they were under an EMP effect.

  • Switching characters in the Squad menu switches to a different character than selected. I.e. I click Bormin and end up with Magnus instead.