Various Bug List and some minor feature requests (+Seeds of Evil)

  1. When recalling from hide, sometimes walk animations do don’t play and they hover-walk (workaround: hide and recall again).
  2. Occasionally, the game gets stuck in combat mode (all alerted enemies down, enemy turn takes a split second).
  3. Enemies figure out exact location too easily (if they’re alerted by another unit or sound, they should have to find you).
  4. Dux’s mutation which supposedly lets you do a shot without range limits does not work, at all.
  5. To play the game smoothly on Windows 10 (otherwise it lags/stutters frequently) you need to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode. This seems like a bug to me.
  6. The new Ark calls to go to an old area is cool but maybe it should happen also on the map screen when you’re exiting the Ark? (“Oh, while you’re going out, check out ZONENAME.”) Seems kinda silly to let you cross the map only to send you somewhere else.
  7. There are some odd issues with line of sight, I was able to shoot through a wooden wall and hit an enemy (100% too).
  8. An option to have the flashlight NOT automatically turn back on after exiting combat would be very nice. This has almost gotten me killed more than once.
  9. During enemy turn, you should be able to hold down middle mouse and rotate the camera (or have the computer control the camera).
  10. Sometimes during combat when executing orders the camera positioning is very poor (showing you a closeup of a tree instead of the actual action).
  11. More camera controls would be nice (zoom in / out).

Hello @tuition, thank you for taking the time to share such detailed feedback with us, we’ll be sure to forward it to the developers for them to consider, alongside the reported issues.

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