Control layout suggestion for PC


Loving the game it self, but the combat controls would need more work in my mind. Here’s a few suggestion for changes / additions:

  1. Add “Affirm move” option; there should be a option to choose between one click movement (default at the moment) and two click movement in combat. It’s really frustrating for a mutant to move by accidental click and forcing the player to load a save just because a misclick.
    1b) I run out of ammo, and tried to change to off hand weapon during combat by mouse clicking on the (x) button with arrows around it (change weapon), but it only moved my Mutant to to location near that button. A bug perhaps, but affirmative / double click movement wouldn’t moved my Mutant and ruined my turn.

  2. Add “edge scrolling” option to the combat. Most similar games (Civ:s, X-Com, etc.) have that, and for example for me it feel really awkward to move the camera by only WASD.

  3. Space bar is used as a “default” action in your game, but during combat it also functions as a second left mouse button; by accidentally pressing space bar my Mutant charges to where ever my cursor is pointing ruining my turn. An option to change the behaviour of the space bar would be a welcome addition; to use it as it’s used now, or to only assign a default action in combat (and only that default action) such as “FIRE”.

  4. There seems to be some bugs with assigned controls for keyboard. I’ve been trying to sort these issues out by changing my assigned keys. For example I’ve tried to map “R” key for ambush, but I get a error message stating that “R” is already taken, altough I don’t see R mapped to any action / option.

These doesn’t render the game “unplayable” for me or anything like that, but to play it, I have to unlearn a lot of subconscious things that other similar strategy games have taught me over the past few decades I’ve been playing.

I wish you guys all the best from your Eastern Neighbor Country!, and a superb year of 2019!