User Interface needs updating



Please give additional option in your video options, I can’t stand staring at the “press x” button on the bottom right screen! It’s ok when u play the game for the first time but there’s no options to remove anything on screen… Please add a slider for transparency too, the health and stamina bars are too static and takes away visual real estate. Allow us to set our on preferences please please pretty please…


The setting “Show Help When Building” toggles the commands listed at the bottom right, even when not building. The name of this setting is misleading (what a surprise).

You can hide journey steps too. I think that’s all, though. I’d love to hide the insanely obnoxious “You’re over encumbered” spam. They have a perk that’s built around being over-encumbered yet they insist on annoying the hell out of anyone who utilizes it. It makes no sense.


Woohoo! That was simple enough lol all this time too… grrr… Now if they could add a transparency slider for those health bars that would be so sweet, This isn’t street fighter lol


Haha. Yeah we need more settings.
Sometimes I play with the UI hidden to remove some of the clutter, but even that does not remove health bars or name plates, which also makes no sense - they’re part of the UI.


I have been having an UI issue. Due to the scaling on my monitor of the game the last 75 or so pixiles of the chat unable to be seen due to the overlapping of the action boxes.


I saw some other threads mention overlapping UI elements when using certain aspect ratios, so they have to know about this problem. Hopefully that gets fixed too, I’m sure it’s annoying.


I’m playing this on PS4, I would have thought that the PC version would have even more options but I guess not… Progamming wise, making these tweaks should be pretty simple and easy thing and would make loads of fans happy little gamers :slight_smile: