For the love of god, let us resize HUD

It’s HUGE!

I know there are mods for that, but with mods you can’t play on official servers.
Why a so stupid and almost mandatory feature that ANY game has must be a insurmountable obstacle in this game?

Is that due to console players playing from higher distance? If so, could you make it bigger ONLY when playing with controller and making HALF the current size when it detects a K/M?


As a console player, the HUD works well from my distance but I think if we can get it customized, the better everyone would be…just keep the default the same please because I’m slow on the uptake and it will take me about 30 minutes to figure out where that slider is on the settings.

It’s cause they designed the GUI to work on consoles.

That’s why it’s so bland.

I wish PC’s had their own version of the game, with better graphics/GUI/Customization. It would absolutely make sense. But Funcom went the easy route and lowered the standards for PC on behalf of the console market.

The icons are too big, the hotbar is limiting, the map is underwhelming.

There are hundreds of things Funcom could do, with just the GUI, that could drastically improve gameplay. It’s a wonder they have not addressed some of it’s shortfalls yet.

Love the game. Hate what it’s missing.


Yeah I thought it was a PC game that was ported to consoles? The crafting and inventory menus certainly seem like they were designed for a keyboard and mouse.

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I am pretty sure it was a PC game with consoles coming later. Did FC have that much foresight to design it for future console players? As chaotic as EA was, I doubt it.

How difficult is it to make a slider for the HUD? I would love to see that, and people have been asking for it since day 1.
Also, being able to move it from the bottom screen to the right side horizontally would be nice.

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