Current state of the GUI

Hi All,

Yesterday, I tried out the testlive servers for the first time. I was really curious about the new UI changes in action, because I was sceptic when I saw the first screenshots.
I have to say that the bar representation for the Health, and Stamina [and the XP] kinda makes sense in the new UI, but we see that in every game, tho. :slight_smile:
I also like the changes done to the other parts of the menu/UI [learning, stats, etc.]
But I still feel that some changes to the ‘main’ UI should not happen. :confused:

I’m curious about other’s opinion, here are my 2 cents:

  1. tbh, I liked the original version a lot more. It was more readable without the colors. now the icons are in the middle of the circle as well, that also makes it harder to read. It was much easier to guess the state of my actual thirst and hunger. I could drink when I saw I’m soon at 3/4, so I could use my resources more effectively [keeping me at 100%]. It’s the same with the food… Maybe, as there some actions are based on % of stamina, it is also better to see that in a circle as with the original design.

  2. Being over encumbered is almost irrelevant, and we have a huge message in the muddle of the screen which usually covers the loot screen, and we suddenly get [almost] rooted to the ground (that’s enough penalty for me :smiley: the huge message should be removed entirely imho). Encumbered is not really a resource in my opinion (or at least it is harder for me to associate it as a resource). Health/stamina/water/food is OK, but …It would nice to see this only as a small ‘debuff’ message on the left side of the screen, so it is clear why I’m moving slowly (could be shown only at the first ‘penalty’ at 50%). This could also have the new colors, etc. so we can see the state clearly.

  3. Same goes for the Heat indicator, it should be visualized as a ‘debuff’ imho [with colors, icon, etc.] once we are not in the ‘normal range of heat’ (or whatever it is ;)).

  4. From the beginning, I find the loot/crafting messages also to big, it would be nice it these could be send to back when the inventory/crafting station is opened, as they can appear over material requirements for crafting (ie: when I bulk craft twine, light hide from tick, etc.).

  5. As an extra, I dislike the always changing shortcut keys on the UI. I’ve managed to put all my stuff into a dead NPC while I was fighting on the Ship… then I had to find it between ~20 corpses. :slight_smile: When a button’s hotkey is changing from time to time (I know context matters) then it is a not a shortcut for me. I have to check it on the UI, or remind myself of the current state of the UI. The ‘More’ button should also be eliminated, it is just bad design in my eyes. I don’t know exactly what I can find under it. Smaller buttons could be used instead… yes there is a hotkey for it [Q], but I still have to move my mouse to pick my choice, so it is not much help. maybe if we could map a key for repair/dye, etc. … humm not sure yet. [I hope I did not missed that feature all along :D]

I have to mention that the ‘peek’ window for loot/boxes/workstations is nice, but it should not be used for looting. [anyway, the same hotkey problem arises here for me]