Healthbar rework 3.0?

Why is there no option to make healthbar work as it use to like in live version? Is this intended or am I trippin? Or is it a bug?

Now when you get close to someone you see their healthbar, without even hitting them. If this is intended I dont know what’s happening tbh. I would like to see a option for it, so I just see people’s healthbar that I been hitting.

this is intended, now is based on line of sight.

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Slightly off-topic, but speaking of healthbars… and interface…
To be fair… I think they should just take Hosav’s UI as it is… and shove it in the game…

As much as it pains me to say, it’s miles better than the standard UI from Funcom… they’re not even in the same zip-code :smiley: (pains me because I was really skeptical about it at first and kinda ‘scared’ when I first saw it as it’s different and takes getting used to).

That includes a minimap and everything :smiley: I mean come on… we all heard the rumors of how this game doesn’t have one because it’s a “hardcore survival game” and you have to survive without a map etc etc… Mhm… stopped believing that fairy-tale when they made leveling this fast and even toned down the temperature system to where it’s ignorable which was a “survival feature” they worked hard on. But I mean we whined so much that it’s a very far cry from actual survival survival aside from PvP trying to kill you… might as well go full-mainstream…

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Really stupid in my opinion. Atleast not having an option for it. Since I dont like it at all. And I doubt some other people aint gonna do it either.

It may be intended but the way they implemented it, it classifies as a near show-stopping bug!!!

It’s freaking terrible!

  • No one you focus on shows the health bar if there another even slightly close.
  • Trying to focus on even an isolated individual can take many seconds to register and display.
  • Occasionally they will never appear at all - no matter how long you stand there.
  • Walking past your line of guards is now an irking experience as HB display is hit and miss.
  • In combat with two followers more often than not only one will show - very dangerous!

TL 3.01 @Community needs to fix this. It may be “intended” but it’s absolutely terrible.

My thoughts on this new system. It is one of the changes I am not looking forward to. I don’t need a wall hack just a system that works reliably.


Yup, I like almost every other change and am eager to see them on my official and private servers. But not this one. They totally messed up hot bar displays for friendlies and enemies alike. Very bad design!

Let’s see if it even works the way they say it will. During the testing I had multiple encounters where I could not see health bars at all. I killed red mother (melee) without her health showing once. I had a very clear line of sight with her taking up my entire screen. The other issue was that if you start attacking NPC before they activate their combat mode, their health bar will just flash. I have not tested 3.0.1. Hopefully, some work was done.

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This one I’ve noticed too.

Yupp, that was kinda the reason I thought they removed the other healthbar options, but why they even change it from how it was, it was good that you needed to hit the person too see the healthbar.
I think in PVP and teamfights, this new feature will just be a mess. You will see healthbars popping up left and right

Still like 3.0.

Now you see it, now you do not.

I think she means the rapid flashing… That seems to be gone in 3.01.

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Yes, I found this popping quite annoying during my play. You see some random targets but you don’t see what you want to see.

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yes, it’s not good tbh. Dont really get why it has to be changed in first place.

They were trying to eliminate the “wall-hack” aspect of healthbars. So, they implemented a feature that reduces their size over distance and is not visible at all at certain distances - additionally only appearing on entities your cursor is on or can be over.

This was smart because it eliminates a more expensive detection method that would need to “see” assets and user placeables. But, as you see they’ve introduced some pretty bad troubles they need to iron out before it goes live.

They can - dunno if they will or not but it’s doable.

They would have eliminate it fully if they kept it like it was before, when you only were able to see the healthbar on the guy you damaged. Since this new one, i dont like at all and spoken to others who dont understand why it was introduced. Just remove it and make it like it used to, show healthbar only while hit and have it shown for a certain of time (like before).


But wasn’t it the case that system allowed a gas bomb to “hit” them and turn on their health bars - thus acting like the wallhack they’re trying to eliminate? Didn’t that in fact just get a little worse with some changes introduced in 2.8?

You could do that yes, but wasnt really an issue since you already knew you had your enemy there.

Maybe… but that was the complaint which initiated the changes we’re talking about now.

No, the complaint was the other, where u could see everyones healthbar that was in range that came with 2.4 patch or what ever. Not the one that been existing since release.

This ^

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The “hack” people spoke about, was always show all health bars + the huge distance which you could adjust in the files. It wasn’t like that before and then it was and now we have this.