Dont you think"Always show healt bar" gonna ruined pvp?

Especially for soloist players who need to stay hidden to survive in this cruel world…
Gonna ruine spying and scouting,and trust me or not when u got a full clan running after you,you really dont need this healt bar over your head…
Sure it s pretty cool to know how many hp got a boss or an npc but tbh in pvp we dont really care about that^^
With this new feature every players will easy know where you are,and i suggest devs to make a jump on an official server to see by themselves how this new feature is stupid when you need to survive vs real players.
Plus i can imagine how the game gonna freeze while purges with all those useless red bars and this is lessssssssss immersive,really.


I am curious, does turning it off in settings still show your healthbar to others? Have you tested it?

2021-08-22 17_19_59-Window

Not tested yet,i m on ps4
Saw a flyhack video where opponments health bar was on the screen,u can see opponments pretty far and that make me pretty sad^^
Obviously if we can hide our own health bar and our thralls ones i ll say why not even i dont understand how is it a very usefull feature
Maybe add the hp value in the existing health bar of bosses,npc or animals should do the job too

Agreed, another possible bad side affect for PVPers that do not wander around in large packs.
I will try to test it tonight when my PVP window opens up on my server.


Totally AGREE! It’s cool neat idea but on pvp side of things it’s just horrible.
You can’t sneak, people can see your max hp and they straight away know your build.

Wish they disable HP bars on players only on PVP servers atleas.
Or maybe just make it work only if you already hit someone and it works for 10 second since last hit?


I think it’s bad for pvp. It does certainly seem like it will make solo pvpers even more of a target

I also just don’t want to have my screen covered in health bars. One of my favorite things about this game is that the screen is mostly clear of game information, allowing me to enjoy looking at things.

I’d love to know the logic behind this decision. Have people been requesting to see health bars? What is this change meant to improve for players?


Well of someone on pve wants to have bars with hp information of npc then fine, it’s good to have an option, but its gonna hurt pvp gameplay. I hope they will disable it atleast on pvp servers.


Maybe and just maybe cause they saw wak and firespark using hp bars in their videos,and for their video this is usefull but i really dont need to know how many hp got the spider i m about to kill.
Opponment gonna “see you” trougth walls,they gonna see if your thralls are level up or not…
For pve why not,for pvp it s definitely the worth add on ever


I see a lot of gameplays (modded) where damage numbers pop up both taken and dealt, alongside with enemy HP, follower HP and damage. It just confusing, takes the focus off the battle in my opinion. I use mods to DECREASE the UI because I like the game’s look I like to see what I’m about to chop in half (or chops me in half hehe).

It’s a good thing to have an option to disable it, because there are people who DO like to see the damage they deal/take (for calculating the best gear for example).

I still did not update the game, and will not until 2 weeks because… mods and probably some hotfixes for the bugs that the new patch brought :stuck_out_tongue: - and I honestly HATE the bleed changes I hope there will be a mod to revert that - but that’s just my opinion.

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Yeah I don’t like it for many reasons on pvper servers. Solo players are easy targets now and easily identified on the spot and total heath and partial attribute build revealed instantly . Makes the game feel less like Conan and more like World of Warcraft. How are you supposed to hide in the terrain now ?! , with this massive character marker above their head. Please grey out this option on pvp servers officials at least.


Didnt payed attention to that but you true attributes are partially reveal too

Didnt saw how they nerf bleed but tbh for pvp bleed effects was too OP because of those over powered grey weapons
Wish they ll found the good balance for everybody

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Wait, does this eliminate all ability to sneak? I can’t test it myself. No more sneaking in people’s bases and laughing at them when they walk right past you?


Yep, it seems they will see your health bar.

No more bush ambush by leyshrines to steal thralls and stuff on dead players :’(

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No more running away alone from attacker even at night. No more running, hiding in bushes while chased by cavalry.

I remeber week ago before update i manage to run from crazy stronger attacker when night was comming, pretended to climb, then jumped back and tricked him to think im still climbing - now there’s no way to do it, he will see hp bar and i can’t run. It’s one of those few good times that put smile on my face.


Yep no sneaking, so no stealing, or scouting or really even passing by the bases of clans if you’re solo.

No clever use of terrain to escape aggressors. No ability to bait an over aggressive opponent into an ambush.

I hate to be that guy, but I really would love some developer feedback on why this is being implemented. What problems is it addressing, and do they outweigh the problems it is creating?


I wish they would break this ongoing silence. I don’t really care how they do it – a dev stream, an AMA, a blog post, or just use the forums to interact with us – whatever they choose would be fine. Anyone who knows me here also knows that I’m not Funcom-basher. But it’s getting really hard to maintain a positive attitude when they keep promising better communication and keep failing at it. :confused:




That’s just perfect picture for it :smiley:

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