Is this the best you could do about HP bars, Funcom!

Yes, I know, HP bars was always a required feature to be added… and I personally love it!! but NOT in the way it’s working right now!!

I play in pvp servers and people now scout for you using these hp bars!!! this thing really sucks !!! even if you put your thrall to attack NONE to prevent him from roaring and making noise, they still can discover the base because of the HP bar now!!!

you can see enemies through walls now, because of this bar!!


The bars can be turned off, but I have no idea how this works online. Like is there one person running a server that can turn them off? Either way I know that option is there, at least in single player

You can turn them off for yourself, but NOT for the others - talking about official servers -


i think it should be deactivated on official pvp servers


We got some dev perspective on this a while back in this thread:

Seems like there will be some changes to this in the future, but for now stealth is kind of off the menu. Sorry exile.

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