Remove player HP bars

As said in the title.
In PvP player HP bars are visible through walls and then you can autofocus other players through structures.

For example I blew up one jar and then immediately the splash damage was showing me to HP bars of sleeping players in a hidden room. So I found it immediately.

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Or what about the occasional bug where if you kill some one, the bar is still visible to you across the map. I have had that happen. Only way is to pull bracelet so you are sure your bar disappeared.

Also, it sucks if you set up a trap room full of T4 volcano thralls with venom daggers. explosions lets them count the defense inside :confused:


I once saw a PvP video where the guy explained this system… “Just throw a bomb and if you are lucky, you will see HP bars. After that just gas them out (or acid arrows)” :smiley:

This PvP has so many bugs… I am still fascinated that people are even playing that mode, when you can lose so many things to bugs. Currently the fyling/jump bug :smiley:


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