Option "Always show health bars" is basically an in-built ESP hack

@Ignasi I would like you to hand over this information to the dev team please.

The feature I am talking about can be turned on in the “Gameplay” section of the settings menu.

You can set the range to a maximum of 2000 in this menu. Which is kind of a deal already, since it is off by default and new players will not know about it and if turned on, you will never lose your target, when you are chasing someone. In other words: he can not juke you by going around corners or hiding in bushes.

To bring this “feature” to the next level, it is possible to configure higher ranges so HP bars are shown even further away (see screenshot).

IMO this is gamebreaking. It is basically an in-built ESP hack so you can always identify if a player is online (next to the decay time check) and where he is going.

I am asking you to reconsider this change and I am proposing a removal of the feature, since it, if abused correctly, gives an unfair advantage to players. You can keep the always visibility of clan mate HP bars though, because this is a useful feature.


I think its reasonable that health bars should be able to be overriden server side. I don’t see how this feature is good for pvp either.


And its doesn’t even work reliable.

Sometimes when you’re a few meters away you don’t see them.
The other time you see them through walls bushes or anything…

Stealth is totally gone.
I play on PvE-C and I think they should be removed as a “always on” feature.


I think even PVE this matters for server difficulty. Being able to disable them server side would enhance difficulty for hardcore servers.


100% agree get rid of this option and keep clan member health bars

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Please don’t forget that when you use and extend these bars, your experience will be somewhat limited unless you remove the game’s built-in fog. As Dave depicts in his OP, there is a way to eliminate this occlusion, which can help obstruct a very distant enemy. I submit both these features should either be fully advertised, sliderized – or removed. I’m leaning toward removed.


I saw this setting before but thought of nothing of it. But having it that far like holy crap. Yeah this only needs to be enabled within 5-10 meters in front of you if the setting is turned on.

It’s been brought up before, so this thread isn’t anything new.

That said, I still believe that the Health Bars are ridiculous. They fixed something that wasn’t broken, and it sucks. One would think that reverting the change would be a simple matter, but for some reason they’re dragging their feet in doing so even after acknowledging that it was a mistake.


I didn’t realize it was there might help me when I am following my wife. Understand that it cause problems for any sort of pvp I would not want to see health bars all the time.

This quote was August 2021. I bring this up often as this change particularly annoyed me.

I think they are aware of the many problems with always on health bars. Stealth in PVP does not seem to be a priority to the team, which is a shame.


Agree with removing the feature for hostiles/neutrals.

Keep the feature for friendlies.


Bring stealth back, remove this option completely! Never should be added! Who makes this decisions at funcom?

If we’re talking about stealth, then I doubt the healthbar removal is enough. Like I support the idea. But I think we could take it a bit further.

Personally I would like to see stealth tied to an attribute (maybe Survival or Agility). And what it does is while crouching, it does two things. First, it reduces idle movement. Because let’s be honest, when we normally crouch our characters move a bit too much and that can cause attention. Already crouching reduces the noise characters make while moving. So that’s good. Second, perhaps it adds a level of transparency to the character (I wouldn’t go fully invisible) based on the attribute and the lighting level of the area. So if its night and there is no artificial lighting in the area, perhaps you are half transparent and still with max of the attribute.

This way you could get the drop on someone and do a combo before they have time to react. Which would even out the fact that you are missing some other stats such as health, stamina, damage, or combination thereof.

I know this is steering the topic off base a bit, but I think everyone is in consensus that we need health bars gone. So its very likely we might see them fixed. But I think this added feature might really cinch it for a stealth system. At the very least I wouldn’t mind seeing the idle movements of crouching toned down.


We’re not. That’s a potential derailment you’re falling for there…

But I just wanna add that I think Funcom’s level of concern on this issue can be measured by their inaction. People have been telling them about this for about a year now. Number of Funcom actions, comments, hot fixes, or patch updates addressing this?


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It could be that its addressed in 3.0 if there are other wholesale mechanic changes. If they had something new that affected the health bars that bears directly in 3.0, it would make sense to hold for the big reveal when its time.

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If we could avoid going into Funcom Bad rhetoric, that would be appreciated.

The idea of Stealth in the topic has merit because healthbars directly affects that aspect of gameplay. If stealth is not a concern then healthbars showing are likewise not a concern.

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It’s just the facts, not “bad rhetoric” whatever that means!

There is no stealth in this game - at all! So no, nothing of the sort is directly or indirectly affecting that form of gameplay - as it doesn’t exist!!! Again with the derailments… UG!

If you are speaking about the AI, sure, it does not care if you are hiding in bushes or try to camouflage with armor and colors.

But speaking about player to player interactions, you have stealth elements in the game. Well currently not so much because @Topic.


There are no stealth weapons - like in other games.
There is no stealth gear - like in other games.
There are no stealth moves - like in other games.
There is nothing in CE to facilitate or enhance stealth play - except your own imagination.
Your imagination and using trees etc. to obscure other player’s view of your character is all but eliminated do to the health-bar situation.
Control over the sounds your character makes in order to achieve some form of imaginary stealth has never existed in CE.

Stealth play does not exist in CE. Asking for it IMO is a different topic than the “Health-bar Wall-hack” and ALWAYS devolves into a 500 post thread that eventually gets closed. And all of them so far have contained the exact same opinions and ideas that have occurred here so far and will occur in the future if it derails to that extent for the umpteenth time, in this thread.

With the pitiful level of involvement FC displays normally in these discussion threads, asking them to track an issue in a 500 post thread that is all over the place covering numerous different topics (among the bickering and arguments usually associated), is unreasonable IMO.


It is much worse than that. Seeing health bars (far) are like looking at a minimap on the client end. The server already lets the client know where everybody is on the map.

Just needed to point towards the exploit (not the exploiter).