Please keep show all health bars on PvE servers

I believe I read that it was being removed because of PVP. You have to actually see the person not just have the HP bar pop up within range. I can see this is a good reason to change for PVP only.

As a PvE only player I use show hp bars to help speed up searching for T4 Thralls… removing this feature will be s step backwards for PVE imo. It would increase the amount of time looking for T4 thralls exponentially.

Please leave the option to enable this feature on PvE servers.


Ya I like it when looking for t4s however in testlive it has been removed unless you are close and can see them and the bar will appear.

Conversely I think we should be identifying thralls not by names or UI elements, but by their equipment. Where the higher the tier, the better looking stuff they have on.

I was saying it should. It would definitely go a long way to making the T4’s a bit more unique also.

Hasn’t been “removed.” The rules of how Health Bars are displayed have changed. Read up on the Testlive notes.


I played all my life without this feature! I learned to regognise each crafter or thrall from the looks, not that always this was correct, but most of the time it was! @Marcospt showed me how to change this. It is really handy I must say, but I can surely live without it :man_shrugging:.
However, I do understand how helpful this is to new players, so I am with you in this case!
@Multigun, forgive my poke, will the players be able to use this feature on single player and private servers, or it is totally removed?

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