Heath Bar Distance

Can anyone explain how this setting works? If I set it to max distance (2000) and tick Always Show Health Bars, does that mean players’ health bars are visible within that range even if they are hidden or even if I haven’t hit them?

Yes any pvp player will have it set that way. It allows you to see other players in there base or anywhere. Keep in mind they use it to find you too.

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I missed this somehow. It explains how the last couple of times I’ve tried to start a new character, all my bases get wiped (and I do my best to spread them out and conceal them) before I can get to 60. I thought it must be a hack.

Sort of pulls the rug from under the exploration and building side of the game for me as a base that is concealed is as easy to find as a base on the beach. It also hands a huge advantage to established players as new players can be easily found and picked off before they can build up.

What was the rationale for this?

Yeah this is something I hope gets changed too as it removes the element of stealth/sneakiness when scouting enemy bases, I could be wrong but I’m sure it was mentioned or suggested in one of the 3.0 announcements/live-streams that they were going to adjust this… did anyone else see anything about this or was I just dreaming? :thinking:

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Just tried it with a new character on a populated server. Ran around for ages without seeing a player health bar, then basically walked past 2 players and still saw no health bar - so there must be more to it. Is there a min level your character has to be for this to work? - or I have I missed something?

I your game settings look in gameplay check 5 boxes down toward bottom.

it will change in the next update


Hmm. Not working for me. I see npc healthbars - but only if I’m within about 5 steps from them. I don’t see any player health bars even if I’m standing in front of them.
I’m playing on PC. I saw some old posts saying it doesn’t (hasn’t) worked on some platforms. Guess I’ll wait for the next update.

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