Dont you think"Always show healt bar" gonna ruined pvp?

i m not a regular of this forum,is this post at the rigth place to have a feedback from funcom??

The “feedback” forum is mostly for feedback to Funcom. You can occasionally expect to hear from Funcom on these forums, but most of the time it’s about bug reports: acknowledging the report, asking for clarification, etc. Occasionally they’ll post a clarification about some game mechanic or rule.

Actual feedback on someone’s opinion of the game happens very rarely, but it happens:

Just don’t expect it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when it happens :wink:

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When Funcom screws something up, they rarely comment on the forums about it. On a few occasions a forum Mod will step in and say FC is aware of the issue, but do not count on that either.

The first rule of Funcom is, we do not talk about Funcom.

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I think we need to look at this and state, is stealth an actual mechanic in game. While we have a crouch and NPCs are limited to line of sight and such, we have no actual stealth mechanics other than avoiding the NPC LOS. No hard to see, no stat benefits. So we don’t really have stealth, especially in PvP. We also don’t have any bonus damage from attacking from stealth.

On the other side, we did not have any warning if someone was in the area except to maybe hear their breathing on their microphone. We now have the healthbars show up at a small distance, but still based on the player actually spotting them around their avatar.

So I’d expect their thought process is that stealth doesn’t exist as a mechanic, so Funcom decided to make it easier to notice players around them so they can charge into combat.

I’ve shot a lot of people with my bow without them ever knowing where from. Ducking into tall grass or up a tree is very basic strategy to avoid disadvantageous engagements. I once lived in an alpha clans compound for three days while trebuchet-ing them from within their own walls. I guess I just disagree, stealth is very much a part of the PVP experience for me. I wouldnt mind HP bars that showed once damage was taken, thats reasonable, but them always being there is pretty lame IMO.


Like I laid out, there is no stealth mechanic.

Ergo and opposite, there is also no spot mechanic to counter the stealth.

So Funcom doesn’t actually have to cater to a stealth style of PvP play for ganking.

The fact that you can hide without being seen is not a mechanic?

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PvP argument holds no water. If they can see you, you can see them too. Every time you are made more easily visible to the enemy, they too are made more easily visible to you. Maybe it might even save you from getting ganked periodically. Or maybe it will help you find someone who is not paying attention.

Ultimately it falls on the individual players skills, experience, equipment, and luck.

Not game breaking at all. Certainly not worth complaining about.

If you don’t like the big glowing HP bars, disable them. If you want a perceived ./edge, enable them.

A glass half empty vs half full situation in my opinion.

If you were hiding in grass that he doesn’t happen to have turned on and he spots you, that says it’s not a mechanic. There are no game rules for it.

That isnt what I asked, you changed the conditions to match your narrative. The question was if you hide and someone doesnt see you because of the way the game is designed, is it not a mechanic? It really is of little consequence though. If FC implemented a system that made it harder for players to transfer goods to one another - would you make the argument that they arent obligated to consider that effect on players who do trade because there is no explicit trade mechanic in the game?


Maybe they looked at all the fun discussions about “zergs” in other MMO discussion forums and wanted some “Rage Against the Zerg” in Conan forums.

I feel like people are forgetting there are smoke arrow in game which use to hide oneself by blocking vision of player within the cloud of smokes.
Does health bar show though that as well? Cause if it does, it become nothing but a prank item :sweat_smile:


No, a game mechanic is an intention. There was no real intention for you to be able to get with feet of a player for ‘surprise PVP’, it’s just that they did not have any way to let you hide nor detect someone.

You can do it sort of, but like I mentioned if half of your hiding is the grass the other guy isn’t rendering because he’s on a potato PC and you aren’t really hiding. There’s no hidden ‘eye’ icon showing you are hidden in shadows.

I guess we will just have to agree to disagree then. By that logic a game like PUBG doesn’t have stealth, and I would argue it does.


Claiming the game doesn’t have stealth seem like odd hairsplitting to me when we constantly see examples of players using stealth in the game.

What defines a stealth mechanic in your mind? Is it only stealth if the game artificially enforced it by giving you an invisible stealth skill?

How is a player sneaking into a compound through a door that is only open for seconds not stealth? There is an entire subset of players who love the thrill of doing this.

How is a player who is getting chased by superior numbers managing to use terrain to lose them not stealth?

How is a farmer who spots a group early and then hides to avoid loosing all his farmed components not stealth?

Stealth doesn’t require hiding in a cardboard box or “activating stealth mode” and turning invisible


Being “stealthy” may not be the same as being a Ninja with stealth powers, so you may want to look up Webster’s definition :




  1. cautious and surreptitious action or movement.

We are talking about walking around with a big arrow above your head, pointing down at you that everyone can see, not discussing Assassins Creed.


Also, what is the reason one wants to see all HP bars I’m set city while getting stag locked to death? What gameplay reason did someone in the idea room say “You know what, let’s show health bars of everything automatically. That way they can add up all the points and divide by weapon damage so they know how many swings it takes to clear.”

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Also, why add more graphics to the screen at all. It only, even if slightly, adds more drain on the game engine for no real reason.
Most players were fine with seeing hp bar when they dmg enemy.


Why does it matter? Combat is already pretty bad in this game to begin with so why even worry about trivial things.

Honestly, the fact that people pvp seriously in this game at all makes my head hurt.

To add to this a bit, the limited UI of this game is a big selling point for certain people.

It allows us to enjoy the game world with minimal amounts of screen noise.

I love that items you can interact with don’t flash, that we don’t have floating markers to lead us strait to an objective, and that you can turn off basically all screen info except the health/stam/xp bar

The game world is beautiful, I’d hate to see it polluted with UI elements all over the screen