Color and font improvements item counts, event log and "owned by"

Okay, I know this game was made originally for PC because clearly none of the developers played this on a 60" TV across a living room. On console, we’re not sitting 24" from the screen.

The numbers on many of the items are very difficult to see. Oh and Red Lettering over dark background is impossible to see at distance.

I would suggest improving the UI for console where the Quick Menu stack count is either moved so you can see the count with better contrast or enlarged. Heck even change the color so it’s not the same color as the item. Sometimes the number even overlaps the item and you can’t tell if you have 22 or 2.

When using a repair hammer or other events that show “owned by” info, the colors are red over the Conan brown color. If I’m sitting 3’ from my screen it’s fine but sitting in my living room, it’s very difficult to make out.

Yes, I did have other’s check it out just to make sure it wasn’t time to head to Four Eyes. lol

Lastly, the event log. Great reading all of the things positive that happened. Horrible for reading anything negative. The bright red is difficult to read at distance over the background color. Maybe go with a lighter red to make the contrast stand out better?

I can’t be the only Console player that’s not sitting 3’ from the TV. Anyone else?


I agree.

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This site uses a similar color background (if not the same) maybe they should use a color that isn’t so intense. For example, color of the Heart when you hit the like button on this site.

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