Xbox - Font Size

Hi, not a bug, more a request to increase the Font size of the Text in game, in particular the subtitles and on the game controls menu, the distance from couch to TV is usually a lot greater than Keyboard to Monitor, so if you ever do any patches for the xbox version (I am guessing PS4 to) can we get an increase in font size please.

I know I am old, and my eyesight is going a bit, but it isn’t that bad, but I can barely read the subtitles, and trying to read the controls was difficult.


Hi, the same post here:
Allow increasing subtitles sizes - thread title, I can’t add a link.

My eyes also hurts when playing from the couch/sofa.

Oh my bad, didn’t want to duplicate a post that already exists.

Hi, for me, as I am visually impaired, the game is completely unplayable. Why do developers of newer games always make the text and UI smaller and smaller? At least you could build in a slider to increase the size of UI and font for accessibility. The game itself seems to be fun, but I literally can’t play it. :frowning:

PS4 here, love the game but have to stop playing due to font size. Can’t read anything.
Want to pick up the Nintendo Switch version but now i won’t buy it if they do not improve Font size.

Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile: The devs are aware of this issue and it’s being looked into for consoles, as it’s already been patched on PC. I’ll close this thread as it was close to a month old before the final reply came up.