Buglist and Issue with Controls

Bugs Found so far. Will update as I continue but the game fully releases in a few days so sooner you know the better I suppose.

  • The Fallen Angel map has a log just under the cliff that doesn’t register as cover ever though it is displayed as such.
  • The Fallen Angel map Chinook helicopter cannot be used for cover.
  • The Sea Titans Boat map has a low cover area not registering at the broken house on the hill on the second floor
  • The Sea Titans Boat map has a low cover area not registering at the picket fence on the house on the hill.
  • Game crashes occasionally when using Tree Hugger ability.

Gameplay issues.

  • You are pulling from the Xcom fanbase with this one and having move execute on left click, space bar, 1 and enter has already caused me to pull hair. In Xcom games you execute a move and hit any of those buttons to line up a shot but now its gonna drive people crazy because its going to move your character irreversibly to where ever you mouse is chilling. Please rebind this or do something to prevent accidental movements as they can easily cost you the fight.

  • Weapons appear to have a weird range aim penalty from being close or too far. Can you clarify on items and buffs between effective ranges and max range? It feels like all the stat boosts are to max range and never establishes what the good ranges for weapon types are.

  • Medic bots reviving enemies should not give them a full turn of actions once they get up. This makes it so units like Pyros can sprint and toss molotovs stright from death. At least consider reducing revived targets to only have 1 AP for the turn they are revived. Also are the enemies not effected by bleedout timers? The medic bot can apparently attempt revives on enemies killed many turns ago. I feel as though the Medic Bots would be far more effective to fight against if they just healed living enemies as opposed to reviving dead ones. They also have a voice prompt that appears to suggest they are aware they are a member of an enemy faction and not just some hacked Ancient tech.

  • Not sure if something to the effect unlocks later but I would really appreciate it if you installed an inn at the ark. Seems silly to return to town and leave fully injured because the stock of medkits are empty or too expensive. The Ark is established as being dependent on Stalkers to survive but they can’t even be bothered to give first aid to Stalkers without charging them?

  • Let me sell items such as grenades or guns for scrap.

So Far I am really enjoying the game. Keep up the good work guys!


Yeah, I agree with the medbots. In the demo I’m almost positive that it took the medbots 2 turns to revive, not one. I think they changed that when it went live.

Small bug I noticed for the list.

When saving in stealth mode and reloading the non-selected characters (sometimes just one, sometimes both, occasionally neither) will have their flashlight activated.

+1 to enjoying the game so far. Great Job!

Also appears to happen at the high road, just before entering the cave of fear, where you encounter the Shaman + the Hunters: the lone car between the truck and the tunnel entrance won’t register as low cover. This is a super annoying bug, and I’ve seen it happen in other areas too.