2 Issues I have with the game

Should start by saying I really enjoyed the game but there are 2 mayor things that kind of bugged me.

  1. No map for each individual area.
    It’s a bit of a pain going around looking for scraps etc. when you keep retreading ground not knowing exactly where you are and where you’ve been. Having a small mini map or a menu one that would mark items and enemies after you’ve been close enough to spot them would be really nice. It would also make it much more convenient when planning or an ambush if you could see all marked enemies on the map to look for weak spots or good starting location. Also having scraps x/y, Chests x/y show on the world map would be really nice and you don’t have to retread a previously explored map just in the hopes you missed a sorely needed weapon part later in the game.

  2. Having Ironman work the same way as in XCOM.
    I’ve only tried it once, and after dying 2 hours in I had no intentions of starting again and having to go around on each map too find and pick up every little bit of scrap again. And unlike XCOM this game has a limited amount of soldiers so if you mess up once you don’t just lose soldiers and possibly equipment. It’s game over. And as far as I know there is no indicator when taking out single targets with unsilenced weapons that show if enemies further away will hear it, so it ends up being a game of chance.
    So while Xcom lets you mess up quite a bit as long as you don’t rely on only 6 character, this game gives you a game over pretty much any time you mess up. And with a 3 man squad it’s a completely different dynamic, having 1/6 downed isn’t close to as bad as having 1/3 downed. Call me a scrub, and I probably am, but for a game like this it feel like having the game save every time you entered a zone with no manual saving or something similar would work much better.

One small other issue that I think is more of an oversight. Kind of hard to explain without a screenshot but if you take cover on the inside of 2 single high cover walls where you are on the inside of a 90 degree angle your character will choose 1 of the 2 possible walls as cover. So even if the preview shows you can hit an enemy from that spot you won’t be able to (If the enemy is in a specific spot) if your character decides to lean up against the wrong wall. Meaning that the wall they didn’t use as cover is blocking their shot.

Other than that It was a really fun game and it looks beautiful. Swedish voice options would be pretty cool tho.

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Out of curiosity, could you name some games which do this?

I think it is a problem steming from a mix of things:
A.It is relatively easy to be sure that you cleared out the map of enemies as they love to bunch up in 1-2 corners of the map.
B.That however is not so with scrap. You can run around 20 minutes and still find something left over in a crack.

Which raises the question: Why should you slowly comb through every map when there is no reason to handwave at least some of it now that there is no danger in the area anymore?
Chests already have a glow like a lighthouse you see from far away distance.

One option one can also do is just to map out all locations…lots of screenshots but still technically a solution.

Hello @bshift, having a map per area is not in the plans and is unlikely to happen, however, indicators of a zone’s completion might be a possibility, so we’ll register that feedback for the developers to consider!

Regarding your second point, MYZ is more focused on a stealth approach so as you get more comfortable with the game and its mechanics its definitely possible to brave through the ironman mode.

My problem wasn’t really with it being possible or not tho, more that once I die 1/3 in to the game I didn’t feel like trying again when I had to go around and pick up all those items etc.


I have to agree with the OP on both points.
The game is really well done. Very high quality and almost no bugs. That alone is almost unheard of :p.
But its way to easy, and you dont hurt by dying.

Combat is only hard if you rush and dont think.

But this awesome game…is tiny. Took me a few days and done.
I am very happy with every single thing you put in the game!
The core base game is outstanding to build on. Not many RPG can claim that.

But why so little?
I read about the expansion, and again, looks very good. But, its not much.
Max 1 week more gameplay?

And where is the character development? The little you can do is GREAT! But, its just a few things.
Add 10x to everything. The quality you have!


While I agree with you dude. This isnt Xcom :stuck_out_tongue: