My personal gripes

I dont have many as i like the game as it is and i am sure there will be many fixes to stuff we come by. That said i would love to see minor things, as : a triangle button in ui when i wanna rename a marker for example. It doesnt say how to rename it. And the crafting menu is missing an R1 and R2 in my opinion. Again at first glance you might miss that there are multiple tabs there. Also the locking , automaticly i mean, in combat on more then enemy sometimes goes crazy. It starts to focus on the wrong enemies in the heat of battle which can result in to clunky recovery and a near death. And somewhat of a craftable compass would be aswesome, no minimap but only a compass. Thats all for now, besides the salty tears of kiddos who are spoiled to their yet underdeveloped bones, i would say this is a solid launch! chapeau!