For ps4 these I would love to see

*a fov slider
*a triangle button next to the rename marker icon
*shoulderpad button, r1 and r2 in crafting list
*more highlighting on selected icons. for example when u pick the markers
*color adjustment, the game lacks true black color
*bigger text or the option to adjust is. item descriptions are unreadable from a meter and a half. especially with the current fov sitting any closer is really bothersome.
*the lock on in combat feels clunky, when you are fighting a koopa and a little one passes by, the lock switches on itself and that kinda sucks.
*last but not least Fix the atlantean sword bug pls. I put in code but have no sword :innocent:

*a triangle button next to the rename marker icon

Would definitely be more user friendly. I actually created my first character without even knowing there was a option to change my characters name as there was no indication on the screen

Yes, the Atlantean sword code was kinds deceptive. You have to have all resources before you can create it, as on all other weapons. I use it and its very powerful, but slow to use.