Some suggestions, quality of life, ease of play

Here are some suggestions of things to fix, tweaks and/or additions that might be useful in the future (in my opinion):

  • Hide helm option
  • Damage numbers/health numbers
  • Player body clipping after dying - sometimes bodies roll away (yet loot location often stays fixed), or become invisible, or stuck in the ground (aka invisible)
  • Max zoom distance. This is especially useful for building, but for instance when wearing the bearer thrall headpiece (“backpack”), it can completely obscure your view
  • Improvement of tooltips
  • Showing item stats on craftable gear/weapons
  • Arches building objects, please let us do something other than squares and triangles. (eventually?)
  • Listing discovered recipes under it’s own tab
  • Fixing the map markers not being able to be removed (PC)
  • Option for Guild map markers, visible only to Guild members
  • Map marker filter
  • Whisper/personal message chat
  • Any possible future additions of vehicles for transport or goods purposes only?
  • Grouping/Dungeon/Raid system
  • Probably a bunch of stuff I can’t think of right now =]

Some are more crucial than others, obviously.


I’d add UI work. There is an early access survival game called Dark and Light that had some pretty good UI features:

Hover the mouse over an inventory slot (no need to click to select it) and hit a key:

  • “d” Drops the stack
  • “a” Moves the item to the open container/station/npc
  • “u” uses the item

Those are fairly small changes, but massive time savers.