A few bugs and things that might need improvements


  • Decay timer still resets at server restart on officials.
  • The “equip a light armour” journey entry is not working on an official server. (works only on singleplayer)
  • Tried to repair Kambujan Shaman Helm while it was equipped, without materials in my inventory, now stuck on repairing (animated icon), can’t be used.
  • If you kill a scorpion as it goes under the sand, you’ll never see or hear of it again.
  • After writing in guild chat, if you want to write in global, hitting the keybinding doesnt work. You have to use /global to switch channel.

Aestethics and Improvements:

  • Map icons - please add option to hide all location icons.
  • The pick swings an extra time after releasing the mouse button, abit annoying :slight_smile:
  • Low level healing - maybe add a low level bandage.
  • Thirst and Hunger indicators are inconspicuous.
  • Encumburance indicator gives an inaccurate account due to the nature of its icons roundness :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Lighning Storms shows deep inside caves.
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