Bugs and glitches thread (PC)

Figured I’d make a thread where we can list all the bugs and problems we encounter in the game so it’ll be easier for Funcom to see them and fix them.

Keep in mind this thread isn’t about quality of life stuff, like higher spawn raters for bark, for example.

So here’s what I’ve got only today:

Died to lava while wearing Silent Legion armor while not near any Lava.

Enemies are erratic and keep struggling with pathfinding.

Enemies teleport all over the place.

Player trying to dodge gets teleported back to previous location, unable to avoid damage.

Crafted items such as Iron bars randomly disappear from crafting bench when smelted.

Stamina recharging while running.

While running, player is randomly shoved or flat out teleported in a random direction.

Player respawn under the ground/beneath buildings. (relogging seems to fix it but it shouldn’t happen)

Player can’t locate corpse (again, relogging works, but shouldn’t happen)

Thralls falling through the ground/floor/foundations. I currently have a mysterious entertaining hiding underground healing me in my base.

I’d also like to request a fix to the Volcanic forge. To use now you have to climb and cram yourself in ways that shouldn’t be needed to use something you already have to travel far and risk a lot for. (again a lava issue)

Thank you very much! I do have some questions:

Is this single-player or multiplayer? Dedicated server or official server? Who’s hosting your servers for you?

I play on Official #1090 PvE.

Yes I also have encountered the “Endless Stamina while running” Bug.

Somehow after while running(and jumping) you have full stamina and this only goes away if you jump again or take damage from falling.