When are you start fixing the game?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Global]

  • performance since last big patch dropped (lower frames and longer loading times)
  • big lagspike on fatal damage (when you die)
  • invincible thralls / tent bug
  • mapmarker cant be deleted / button not mapped correctly
  • bow gameplay sucks (damage scaling vs melee)
  • melee still needs improvement (hitbox and enemy lag)
  • sorting in menues not persistent
  • weight sorting does not factor stacks in correctly
  • most "server"options are divisors and not multipliers (false naming)
  • thralls still fly into the ground
  • building restrictions are mentally challenged
  • stability still has some flaws (esp. for roofs)
  • please for the love of the gods - fix the permanent god shield!
  • bosses are totally inbalanced for SP (too much health and attacks/abilities are just unfair, e.g. the spider attack speed)
  • some journeysteps are still bugged
  • mp only achievement (make it so you can stand on thralls and mobs)
  • deleting your character for final journeystep… just lol…
  • spoiltimers in crafting stations don’t work (meaning they show higher times, but spoil as with normal rates)
  • harvest balance / crafting balance is non-existent
  • time-harvester (fishtraps, hives,wells) stop working depending on how they are looted / emptied completely
  • last patch broke the loot all function (incoherent as well)
  • no real remapping of buttons possibly (really? in 2018 this should be standard)
  • (still) one location outside of death wall ("non"location)
  • still weird lighting issues on the map screen
  • some skeleton chests are still where the old boss spawn was… but the bosses were moved. lol…
  • and some bosses which give keys dont have a chest
  • spit journal is under the ground…
  • corpes fly away on the first harvest hit
  • some recipies are just non-immersive (fur/pelt norse armor uses elephant hide)
  • starmetal / meteorite not spawning in Singleplayer

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. throw money out of window
  2. get the game through that
  3. look at them adding a 10 DLC for a alpha game
  4. look at them not fixing games from the first alpha stage

many of the issues you listed are fixed on Test Live, perhaps you should have a look at patch notes

so answer to your topic question is sometime next week ( that is the goal, not guaranteed)

many other issues I have never heard of, if you dont find them in Test Live patch notes, or Known Issues post by Tascha, please send proper bug report.

I have pointed out few things missing in patch notes and they have been updated already, devs are reading this … just the format you know … current post doesnt seem very constructive or helpful

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Thank you for the in depth list.
As @rageclaw pointed out, most of these issues are already being worked on or are fixed on TestLive. Please check current PC Issues and Mechanics/Balancing for known issues.

If you have something on your list that isn’t being addressed or known already, it would be super appreciated if you created a separate thread. That way we can get a feel for if and how many other players have the same issue and give additional feedback.

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A month later and many items on this list still broken plus purges not working.


100% still half this â– â– â– â–  still happens. Like the amount of running and bullsh!t you have to do in this game to then pretty much be killed not by lack of skill but their piss poor efforts in fixing it.

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Like today alone i had 4 thralls dissapear while binded. let them go repair the rope and woosh gone. Ive had several enemy npcs ive been unable to hit at all and they kill me while roaming. yet we have to pay for serevrs monthly to play a game that is broken.


Guys face it, they dont care about this horrendously flawed game, it saved their company from bankruptcy now they will milk it with dlc until the playerbase quits entirely. Frankly Funcom are a joke.


Please check out the news section where we stated that we are working on fixes. We already started pushing out some fixes with today’s patch and there are more coming to the TestServer next week.

I am closing this thread as it seems to derail into flaming.

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