I see the big patch is out...so when are you going to fix the game?

I saw the game had been patched, so I loaded it to check progress. Half my cupboards were gone as well as all the contents; the ammo for my bow was gone in the inventory; a workstation was missing as well as the thrall; the named thralls still look like mongoloids; the game still stutters on my high end PC <—big game breaker for me (CE is the only game this happens on and I play some resource hogs on this computer that barely warm up my vid card and processor); everything still gets wet inside structures when raining…etc…etc…etc. Inside of 5 minutes I’d seen enough and shut it down. Annoying. Going on three months post release and it’s still screwed up.
So when are you going to fix the game, Funcom? I guess it’s back on the shelf until I see another update.


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