Fixes after last patch?

I am still missing an actual reply from community managers or developers about what is their plan to not let anything like this last patch to happen again! What will happen with people which lost thralls, altars (like me level 3 yog altar with 2.000 coins in it and archpriest), parts of base falling, chests, sets, the fact that when you log off you die and lose everything yet, thralls are not attacking yet, no star metal on the map and billions of bugs waiting to be solved = tons of playing hours just disappearing in vain? Are we gonna get something back as compensation for it? Do you have plans to prevent it for future? I am trying to communicate with and developers, community managers or support for the last 3 weeks and nobody ever replies. It seems that in this game after you buy it you get complete ignorance instead as reply each time you have a problem. It’s so hard to reply to a normal question for so much time? Or we are not deserving an answer since you have another dlc coming in need to be bought and that’s more important?

I’m sorry you feel we haven’t communicated. I would recommend looking into these Dev Trackers for future use:


We also have a list of Known Issues for PC here where we’ve noted a couple of the ones you’ve mentioned.

We cannot reply to every single post made here as well as other social medias, but we’ve provided resources that you can find and read.
I understand the frustration in some of the bugs currently in game, but we will continue to work on pushing out patches and updates. Thank you for understanding.