Why nobody replies to our posts here?!

We are sent from support in here to get help and some answers but yet nobody replies after we are doing it. Support is not answering and nobody answers here either… why is this happening? Where I can talk with somebody from the game’s staff? Why tons of things are changed after the last update, things like all prices on heavy armor and silent legion being nerfed to the ground. Stat-wise but also price-wise? Even the basic heavy armor (epic) version is ultra expensive now? You need to grind for days to be able to dress 2 thralls… Why so many changes are not even appearing in the patch notes and why nobody cares or replies to the people in here. Dozen of people lost their thralls due to this patch and more even their bases or at least a part of them. Can somebody help with some replies and maybe more info about the unwritten patch changes that happened? So I won’t need to discover them by myself in game only…


YES! I also wrote dozens of bug report here and on steam to but nobody answered that they aware of those bugs I reported, that my report actually reached the dev team! Funcom please communicate with us! Are you shy or what?

I’m sorry for the trouble. We try to answer where we can and when we can. The CMs are spread between all social medias, Steam, and here so there will be messages we miss. We note down every report we see to the developers.

I suggest looking into both these dev trackers if you’d like to look for answers and are unable to see any:




I can promise you that we’re working hard and want your gaming experience to be a positive one. So if you feel ignored, I do apologize. Thank you for your reports!

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So then please answer me that you aware of this bug!

Lost ownership on my dancers and can’t interact with them!

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