A few bugs I saw

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: NA

Saw some issues.
There’s a messed up texture in Hanuman’s Grotto on the way to the big statue. Would link it if I could. It’s on a rock.

Somewhere around Sully’s Ambush or Tarman’s Breath I saw a female Black Hand member say something like “Ahoy Matey” but the text said “]hey Matey” or something to that effect. Didn’t get it capped or anything, unfortunately.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

a picture of your messed up textures would be fine. (yes you can add pics to your post, just upload it from your pc or link it)

I was in the hanuman-cave not long ago this in SP and online on my own server, and didn’t mention any texture-issue myself.

The chat difference is a minor bug at my eyes.

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Report these with screenshots and coordinates. Garner coordinates by using the tilde key to open the console ( ` ), and then typing:


Coordinate information will help Funcom zero in on the map where the texture issue or clipping is, and will make it easier for them to correct.

We have a bug that is being abused by a clan well… A group of clans… They do an emote have someone kick them and they are now stuck in the animation. They then equip weapons that will now be invisible till they attack. This is a problem because they are almost all max clans and its making it difficult to handle in team fights because you 1 dont know what attacks they are using 2 dont know what direction they are attacking till they already hit you and 3 if they do it for the lay down emote you cant even tell if they are sprinting or jogging. We have no admins on our server because its official so they just do this with no consequences. What should I do?