Buglist after patch 12.10.2018


Game mode: Official Server #1036 EU PVE-C
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU

The following bugs has been detected :

  1. StarMetal Skinning knife yield meat, bones, some hide. Seems like same behaviour as StarMetal Pickaxe
  2. Thrall Icons Missing, and replaced with placeholder icons
  3. World boss Scorpion (C7) stutters forward when attacking, unsure if it could be blamed on lag or (not able to reproduce 13.07)
  4. Throwing Axe can not be thrown by thralls
  5. Abonedend thralls hunger/decay timer resets on server restart.
  6. Fish traps placed after patch not filling, unless using bait. But fish decay timer is 30 minutes. Fish traps placed pre patch is working for me and slowly filling.
  7. Shell fish trap pre patch and after patch not filling at all.
  8. Water wells / Mitra fountain unable to fill water flask from. Even if well shows water in it.


We’ve already noted most of these down, thank you :slight_smile:
The Boss issue is most probably related to lag or performance issues :slight_smile:


Wheel of pain seems broken too, the bar under the empty thrall icon doesn’t progress in Solo play


I did not have any issues in SP with that


I have the same problem with thralls in the lesser wheel of pain in both single player and on my personal hosted server. There is no icon showing what they are, just a bag. There is also no progress bar going at the bottom. I’m not sure if it’s working at all. Still waiting a while to see if it actually does or not. The only thing that I can see actually working is the gruel fuel timer is going.


Is that on paper or do you have an electronic version you can share? :wink:
Having a bug list would be helpful for us, maybe shameful for Funcom, but nevertheless… Please build a list of know bugs with a status.


As I mentioned before, we are looking into the best option to have a public priority bug list for the community to look at. We are currently looking at an option so we can have community also vote up issues that might have set to lower priority from our side.


Sorry about that one, missclicked.

There you go @Tascha, notice me senpai


We are aware of the pet slot issue :slight_smile:


Hmm, this sounds very valuable. I’m sure you guys do what you can to collect information and balance the needs of the community with the realities of production, but things are bound to slip through the cracks. Some bugs that maybe don’t warrant much discussion (outside of the inevitable +1 posts) can appear marginal even if they affect large numbers of people, whereas other more rage-inducing ones will have six separate threads.

I am aware that some things are low-hanging fruit and thus get prioritized over seemingly more important fixes, simply because they’re easy to do, but having the community give a hand in prioritizing fixes seems a win-win proposition. Akin to that survey you did way back in EA days and basically everyone was like “fix combat plz!”.



A lot of Servers are reporting Problems with Feed Timers, so I did a Test. Heres the Result:

  • Created a Solo Game, activated Hunger. Hunger Timer was per Default 10080 Minutes, equals 7 Days.

  • Spawned a Bear and checked. Hugner Time was 4 Hours. Then checked Settings from the Main Menu.Hunger Time was at 240 Minutes.

  • Reset Hunger Timer to 10080 Minutes. Checked Settings Menu agein, timer was at 240 Minutes.

  • Editet .ini manually, to 10080.lotsofzeros. Started Game. Timer was at 7 Days. Changed a Setting, Timer went to 240 Minutes.

  • Used Console Command to set Timer. Saved. Checked. Timer was at 240 Minutes.

Conclusion: whenever anything is saved to the Server.ini, Hunger Time Value is reset to 240 Minutes. You can Change it before Game Start and if you dont alter any Settings, it might stay.

Have Nice Dice!


Thanks for the answer <3


updated original post with new findings, also I hav noticed that other also might have reported it. But atleast my post serves as a confirmation of others…


back on 2. (I don’t play everyday) just in case you didn’t see.

It may be more than an icon problem. I used admin panel to compensante another bug (no texture on wood buildings ghost makeing orientation a real pain) and I could see that thralls/npc cannot be invoked because they’re missing from the list. I unsubscribed all modifying non official mods (even if they have never been activated) and nothing changed.

So I backed up my save and deleted it and started a new game without mods, same problem.
new game with latest (savage) DLC disabled , same problem
new game with all DLC disabled, (pure vanilla) same problem.

Thralls have disappeared from the game… Maybe a problem with Ids ? Maybe a non english locales problem ?

Hope this helps



Thank you, we already have the icons issue fixed internally and will patch it with a few other fixes asap :slight_smile:


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