Light Armour journey problem

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Same here with light armour bug. It is fine in single player but on EU PvE 3008 i have the same problem


Same here on a private server.

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I’ve seen reports of the sandstorm mask working for the light armour journey bug. Unfortunately, that is unlocked at level 30.

Put the game in english, and it’s okay both on solo and multi.

not working at all :wink:

It works fine, just go in the parameters change the language in english, put your armor in your inventory and use it again: BINGO!!!

What do you mean “put the game in English”?

I haven’t put it in any other language.

Just checking all settings. On PS4 there is no language option.

Turned off show journey then turned it back on…


Ask the admin (if it is a private server) to switch the “culture” to “en”.
This has fixed the problem for me.

– Mike –

It’s an official server 3008. Sandstorm mask doesn’t work witber

  • doesn’t work EITHER

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