Equip a piece of light armor issue

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equip a piece of light armor on the jurney dose not work, I am on PS$ official server PVE

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Here is what I have tried so far

  1. Crafter all pieces of Light armor
  2. Changed PS4 Language to English
  3. Took of the bracelet
  4. Logged on and off
  5. Tried different sets of light armor

Nothing seems to work from the above mentioned steps I have tried so far.
The journey keeps still saying that I need to equip a piece of light armor.
Is there any other solution?
Will this issue be addressed soon?

Thank you btw great game over all.

Can confirm this behavior. I am currently wearing a full light armor set and everyone else on the server also tried to fulfill this quest but it doesnt work.

I’m also still having this issue

This is unfortunately a known issue that will get updated in the future patch. Sorry for the trouble regarding that!

Thank you for your attention, when this patch arrived?

Just put on the sandstorm mask, worked for me

I’ve mentioned that to others in different threads but people were telling me this didn’t work for them! But it’s worth a shot if some say it did help completing it. :slight_smile:

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The bug is still there, even after the update.

Also the patch broke other things. Mob corpses disappearing, and worst of all chests, workstations and Thralls and items in them. I lost 2 named rare thralls, 3 tier III thralls and huge load of items worth about 25-30 hours of grind. At this point I am takinga break from the game. Ther is another tread about the missing workstations.
At this point I am expecting some compensation from Funcom. Losing that much stuff in one go is way to much, and kills the enjoyment and will to keep on playing.
How is it possible that a patch that is supposed to fix things breaks so many other things? What is the QA team doing?
I am not interested in a reply like: sorry about that we will improve that in future update.

We are talking about few days for a normal persons of playing to catch up, in order to be in the same spot then before the patch.

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I’m also having this issue, and I don’t really know how to fix it? When is the patch to fix this coming?

Any news? The bug isn’t fixed

it will be addressed in the big PS4 patch coming in August??? that’s the rumor date I have heard anyway. Try the dafari mask, it worked for me on my new server but didn’t work on the last one.

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