Equip a light piece of armour not working


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Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [EU]
Server 3104 PvP EU
The journey to equip a light piece of armour is not working, I made a lot of armour and equip them and it still shows not completed

Repro steps:


Funktioniert auch nicht bei mir! Schon was rausgefunden?

Not working for me too!


Can confirm it doesnt work


Got the same issue here, official pve server ps4


Same problem here, it is still on the top right screen.


Me pasa lo mismo en ps4 Europa PVP / PVE .


same problem here
some people says that we need to change game locale to EN, and then try… it works. Bot ONLY in single game modes :smiley:


Where can I change it? Playing in singlemode!