Unable to progress in Journey - Light Weight Armour Quest

Game mode: Official Live #1202
Problem: Bug
Unable to progress in Journey - It doesn’t register that you’re wearing the Light Armour
It means that you’re unable to complete Chapter 3 so the only hint you have as to whats needed next is the list of 3 in the top right of your screen, in the Journey page, everything else remains UNKNOWN

This is affecting everyone on this server but have seen reports that this might be going on in every server.


It works fine in single player but yeah, I’ve seen several bug reports about it on official and dedicated servers.
So it’s not just your server!

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This bug has been in on testlive since they added “the journey”.

Some people suggested to remove the bracelet and die to fix it.

No idea, haven’t tried.

I had the same on testlive and now I have it on an official server. I’ve tried loggin in and out ans suiside but nothing seems to work.
A fix would be nice.

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Did you make the light armor, or are you sharing the light armor. Also just continue on the game and you will unlock other journeys even if that one is still at the top of the screen. It wont stop you from progressing.

Made it myself. I have a list of all the progression, but that’s hardly a fix. It needs sorting out mate.

I agree, its not a fix, but it made it sound as if you couldnt progress any further. But I would wager on the subject of bugs/glitches that one is somewhere on the bottom of the list.

Doesn’t really matter now anyhow, buggers have gone and converted my PvE server into a PvP server - We are all wasting our time with this game.

Im frightened to start another server incase they decide they’ll convert it into a Minecraft server or something tomorrow.

That would be interesting.

Same issue on our PvE Server with light armor

We hosted our own server, it can be completed in there, also ppl say that its fine in single player too… even more f-ups in the official servers it seems.

Yeah it is fine in single player.

make a sandstorm shroud and put it on worked for me.

Same with 2 players in official server #1042 PVE-Conflict
need fix asap thanks.

Anyone found any new workarounds for this ?

Yup, SANDSTORM MASK was the trick for me too. :wink:

Sandstorm mask doesnt work in our server, our clan tried.

i have this problem too. non of the above fixes do it for me. do the devs read these columns or are they just for sounding off.

Had the same issue on my online server, none of the player have succeded the journey.
But I found a fix: install hidden hat mod, and craft, wear the helmet. It’s will complete this journey.

Another problem about this issue is that you can’t look what quests of the higher tier are if you didn’t finished the olders yet. Or maybe I’m not correct, but it’s very very not cool for newbies.

there was a mod made on steam correcting this bug.

The interesting thing is what the creator stated about this bug. Seems the system is looking for the word “light” to achieve the journey.

So it may also depend which armor, and if your game is set in english, maybe also the language of your OS. Yes, i know, this looks very… complicated. But it seems working when the armor is called “light”-something.
This explain why it would work with the sandstorm-mask or an other armorpiece, but not necessary the armor you chosed.