Official Server 1203 Journey step bugged for all of us


Everyone of us is having issue with the journey step ‘‘equip a piece of light armor’’. No matter what we do the step doesnt get completed.

Please fix it.

Thank you.

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Hi, did anybody try equiping a sandstorm mask? :slight_smile:

This. It is a problem on both oficcial and unoficcial servers too. So there must be a problem in how the game checks if you equip any light armor. Or if it references to a certain armor part, please let the text reflect that?

It is not the most disabling bug, but it sure is an annoying one, so aye. Please fix this.

Yeah. Wearing sandstorm mask doesnt help.

Same issue Official server #1003.
Sandstorm mask don’t work, change game language don’t work, change light armor type don’t work, pls fix or make visible all journey step over cap 3 :frowning:

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