Things that should be looked into

Having over 3k hours can tell you the game is not boring it does need certain things fixed and updated before the patch.

Decay cheat/bug people dont have to log in and there bases are refreshed. This goes against people who have decided to be ■■■■■ and build on resources and block areas.

Allow alliances this would fix so much and add so much to the community doing things. Sharing wheels, making stores, having chests we can pincode or give access for other tribes to enter our bases this is in everygame and before u say people will steal etc thats why you pick your friends wisely.

Change the thralls around in podago u have a named dancer that always spawns make it female or change it to someone else. Alot of us enjoy making a collection of different thralls.

  1. Change appearance of thralls bald headed men and women and one of the three stooges isn’t exciting I counted over 300 thralls that were bald or had bald spot in middle and hair on both sides. Tsk tsk.
  1. For the 50th time wells and fountains need to be fixed.
  2. They need to add in t4 Armour smith for asgarth we been waiting for 4 months.
  3. Add in white dye.
  4. You have amazing artists can u not add more items and more structures? example master carp table.
  5. People are duping for 2 reasons 1) it takes a very long time for named thralls to appear, and also the ratios on some of the mats yes rock is easy to get but 2500 rock for 250 brick is not realistic.
  6. Allow painting , glass for windows etc building is awsome in this game dont just make a dlc that is just from the first dlc where its just changed by the look.

The biggest is allow us to tp home from any oblesk. This fixes people who block areas where u have to die to leave etc. Add in manequins for armor suits etc.


we also need to be able to repair legacy weapons.

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You can repair them. you need legendary repair kits. which you get from T4 blacksmith.

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Actually think legendary repair kits come from legendary blacksmiths which are not spawning least on my server.

And I consider those tier 5 for that reason


yes thanks for correction me. i forgot that its only select blacksmiths.

There’s a Purge Blacksmith that can craft Legendary Repair kits.

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Havent had any on our server and have only seen one named during purge in highlands was a common fighter

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this shouldnt be from a purge this should be in game full time. No offence.

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