Issues that Urgently need to be addressed

  1. Decay cheat, players only have to log in once every 2 weeks to refresh. They have covered all bosses, all resources, all oblesks all points of interest. Realistically there shouldn’t be 400 hours when you don’t log on. How can we get resources when everything is blocked or gone. Why should i have to change servers because of this and this is pve no reason for a tribe wanting to be alpha. Our server has gone from 35 people now to 5 people because of this. Put old decay rates back.

  2. Crafting ques stop all the time you spend time getting everything make 2 items it stops.

  3. Nuke all floating and standing thralls no need to have land covered by people who have quit.

  4. Maybe because resources are covered cave with brimstone /shattered springs all blocked. Have to travel across map on foot for a good amount of iron to make spikes to make new dlc items.

  5. This is most important yes we know servers are not moderated but what it classified for someone to be banned? We are a African American tribe and our neighbors made a cross out of brick put torches on it and kept yelling welcome to the south. I actually live in Boston thank you.

  6. Wells/fountains refill once after server restart.

  7. 2500 brick to make 350 ???

  8. No purges for 2 months checked forums many players saying same things.

  9. Change Named thrall times waiting for 48 hours straight for a t4? yes 48 hours minus pee breaks .

  10. Make a advance carpenters bench.

Thank you.
7. No t4 armorer for asgarth.


To clean/clear up some of these points, here’s a useful pinned thread:

For some of these issues, you would still have to provide more explanation as to how they happen, but I’ll not name any, as there’s likely already threads on them that I’d need to redirect you to :sweat_smile:

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Re: decay time - on official servers - they should revert back to the 6 day (144 hour) maximum on 13 August 2018 … as per Funcom’s original announcement of extended timers over the USA/eu summer period.

Wow! Sounds like you have a very toxic server! Honestly, it may be faster and more rewarding to switch to another server even if it is temporary. Many private servers are actively moderating and are happy to provide helpful welcome packages. If you do decide to move, message me if you want to try for a pc, pve-c server.

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We need old decay times back and we need the people cheating decay times fixed. Tribe has not been on who has blocked every single oblesk and timer says 407 hours for decay

I must say… since this game is on Steam, wouldn’t that be subject on the banning of the STEAM ACCOUNT? I mean, that is a borderline felony ain’t it?

Starting to see that and also hearing alot of rumors, actually alot of friends have said don’t post anything or I will be banned from forums. In my real life employment I see alot of things , celebrating 9/11 I lost over 100 brother’s and sisters. That is not funny it is not a joke and these player still are in-game?

Just read through the forums on what you have said. Is there not any official server that isn’t blocked or have comments like these or the ones you have said. The company allow’s this type of behavior? No wonder everyone i know is telling me to quit. Such a fun game but why put in hours to lose it all;(

I play on official servers and do not run in to most of the toxic things said on the forums, Our current official PVP server is often at capacity during raid time and there is wars but no foundation spam to speak of. Obelisk blocking is resolved with bombs and trebuchets. (but honestly I think obelisk blocking is a fair tactic now for wars)

I agree, but I have not played pve so I do not try to make assumptions for the play style

I play PvE to make things easier for myself and for anyone else on the server. Public map rooms by obelisks makes it easier for not only myself but everyone else on the server. You want black ice? Just teleport to Temple of Frost. Don’t worry, the public map room is closer to the obelisk than the Temple is.

If I could make public preservation bins or public storage containers I would do that too.

If I find someone who is new to the server, I’ll make them a furnace, a metal storage box, some placeable torches, fish strips and general raw materials to help them get started.

I don’t understand or know why people would play PvE to be toxic douchebags. What’s the point of blocking obelisks in PvE? Or blocking PoIs? Or passageways? Or resources?

My other point of all of this is that not every official server is full of douchebaggery. if yours, unfortunately, your solution is to change server.

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To me some people enjoy making people miserable or cause them to quit games no matter what as they just want to burn things down.

In my old official server pve, there were very friendly and helpful players. The fact that I belonged to the same country also helped because I think it was easier to talk in the native language and this helped people to “identify” with each other. I even remember a player who helped me meet and face more advanced challenges in the game for the sheer pleasure of helping. I even offered to “pay” for his services as a guide and bodyguard with part of my stock of stars metal and he refused. This is an honorable position.

I remember that I even offered practical help to newer players on the server (even though they were unknown), and nobody accepted because everyone wanted to exercise their autonomy and independence, but that did not stop anyone from showing gratitude.

My only problem with griefers - in my case - involved the fact that people “demarcated” territories with foundations near my base, but as I had already defined my “boundaries” with walls (I had entered the server earlier since its inception and it was easier to find a good place to live without competition), it was not a big hassle. There was only one occasion when a megalomaniac player decided to create a huge base around a strategic vertical lift wich was mine. In few days, I lost access to it, but I built another near the site.

I also consider it a shame to act as a griever in pve. Disgusting, especially if you “play fair” with others. Only by trying to be courteous and neutral to others does this contribute to creating a healthier, more communal environment. These people, I suppose, should do so to fuel their own ego (hindering or impeding others’ progress and thus remaining “superior”), by being fantastically selfish in their greed or enjoying to disrupt others.

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