Decay time gone when changeing

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Decaytime gone when change when uppdated. loged out whit 2 weeks decay but when i loged on week again i it had start to decay. List 99% off main bace and most good stuff and alot that cant be replased.

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Jupp i logged in on last weeken and got the 300h somthing in decaytime and logged out and some h later the uppdate came and put it down to the standard decaytime for everyone so now most server have almost wiped. Dont know how many will have the energy to rebuild and will quit, the log have recorde whats decayed so cant be imposseble to atleast help out some.

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Well that is not helping, it dont say exact when and it dont say it will bug out the alredy taged 2 weeks, and not anounsed on the server.

Yeah, it does say. The 6th.
Im confused why you couldn’t find the date in the copied link?

Guess alot off player imagen they was safe when the reparehammer told then 2 weeks safty.

its say, no date.

And you need to visit the forum to get the unclear info.

Welp, I tried to help. -shrugs-
Good luck to you.

A yes thansk for the help, and that info.

When the 6th hit, every base over 144? hrs were bumped down to 1 week max and the countdown resumed from there.
I admit, those not up on current forum/game info are in for a surprise due to the timer gap if they were higher than 140 before the 6th.
I love when the timers revert back. So many decayed bases for the plunder. (But that’s the scavenger side in me speaking …)
A lot of them hit decay yesterday.

Yes at midnight.

Yes and even if you find the info it just say they will go back to 1 week and it dosent say that you will loose the taged time.

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That’s true. I wish it had been more detailed.

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