A few usefull things for upcoming "hot fixes"

must include

  • non vanishing effect when scrolling through the chat because the chat vanishes after 30 seconds or so
  • seperate chat tabs for global local and clan chat
  • an option to remove the never ending scroll back to most recent chat entry because when scrolling the chat for information it’s hard to follow when you have to constantly scroll back up because peopel are talking and the chat scrolls all the way down


  • thralls tend to wander off when you travel and in some places they tend to wander and die in the lava…because they walked in a graphic glitch brewteen two structures and took a bath… sometimes that thrall is a named bearer carrying EF armor and alegendary weapon on him with 2k hardened bricks, 500 starmetal bars and a named dancer.


  • purges still broken, dont ask me why but each and every pve-c servers is suffering from this. purges will either spawn all at once in your base… all at once outside your base or half outside and half inside. maybe theres a way to work this around. im letting this part to the devs at funcom.

and a little edit about building. not huge but could be usefull for the effect and esthetic look.

  • diagonal oriented fences. \ /

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