15 Simple Changes

Playing on the ps4 and the game is great. Here are some things I think would help.

Quality of Life Suggestions

  1. Numbered coordinates for wherever the map cursor is.
  2. Better hit detection (even offline is weird, not sure if this is a bug).
  3. Greater chances to loot the weapons and armor a dead human NPC has visibly equipped.
  4. Favorites menu for building to show your most used building pieces or items constructed.
  5. Being able to put something from the radial wheel directly into your inventory without having to swap it out (ps4 only)
    *checked this and there is a way to do it so scrap this one. Instead- how about letting certain pieces of the same kind snap to each other such as fences and other less prominent building pieces. I would love to be able to auto-stack a whole bunch of crates in a room for instance, without having to tediously place each one to perfection.

Suggestions for Enriching the Gameplay and Enjoyment of the Game

  1. More variance in the aggro range of creatures.
  2. Enemy mob secondary/tertiary abilities (i.e. spiders climb sheer surfaces to chase after the player or imps throwing rocks if the player is at a distance).
  3. A plague of locusts that behaves similar to the sandstorm that not only damages the player but eats a portion of their fully grown crops.
  4. Water born diseases like malaria and typhoid that can be cured with medicines you craft but also staved off with sleep and food.
  5. Even more NPC’s scattered about that will share a good bit of lore with the player verbally.
  6. More animations and adjusted animations (i.e. adjust the sit and sleep since they both look a little strange, also maybe add an animation for drinking from the waterskin and cooking at the campfire).
  7. Carrier pigeons and a craftable post for it to send players messages online, such as merging clans, forming a truce, asking for resources, sending resources etc. so that one does not have to leave the game to do this or require voice chat.
  8. Craftable Wagon that requires a good bit of resources so that the player can fast travel two ways, depart and return trip only. Click and instantly fast travel.
  9. Footprints where the player walks in sand, snow, mud, etc.
  10. Breast physics. This one might seem unnecessary to some, but if there are going to be penile physics why do human breasts not have slight movement, especially when greater in size?

Lots of good suggestions here, my favorite has to be the swarm of locusts or the water born diseases

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thanks I’m excited to see what cool stuff they will add in the future.