Suggestions, improvements, and more



In this post I would like to provide a list of things other players and I would like to see added to the game.

1: In single player and in custom servers give us the ability to extend the amount of time to be a god.

2: For the north we need blizzards, they would be the norths sandstorms.

3: The ability to take armor off dead NPC’S. This could take a bit of time to work in, but the corps of the body will need to change too, to indicate that the body has been looted (the armor will need to be removed from the body).

4: Alternative armor depending on the selection of nudity. For example, a loincloth with no nudity selected you have underwear on, and for full nudity you have nothing under the loincloth.

5: Improved nudity textures (missing buttholes on human characters) for both male and female character models (female models have missing textures) maybe even different nudity textures to choose from to personalize your character even more (examples, different penis, vigina, and nippil textures. I’m just saying, we’re all different) and Improved breast physics. Of course this will only apply to the PC and uncensored console versions of the game (I have the European version, if you want the game uncensored on console get this one).

6: The ability to increase the level cap, the ability to get all attributes and feats in single player and in custom servers.

7: For PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, the ability to choose between a resolution mode, graphics mode, or a frame mode.

8: For consoles, combat in first person mode and in other activities.

9: Mouse and keyboard support for consoles.

10: More and new customization options in the character creator (new hair styles, body piercings and other options etc.).

11: The option for a compass at the top of the screen that shows waypoints set by the player and clan members.

12: A trading system between clan members, besides dropping the items for them.

13: The ability to see clan members on the map (to make sure they aren’t slacking off and getting materials).

14: An adventure mode in single player, where you can turn off the need to eat or drink and play the like action adventure game without the survival element. You will be able to still craft stuff but you can play the just from looting dead enemies.

15: After a fight if your character has blood on them and they go through water the blood is washed away and have a wet texture applied to them, and if they don’t have blood on them, they just have a wet texture.

16: On console in the admin panel please allow us to activate “fly”.

17: On console can we have a custom button option to suit our preferred play layout.

18: The ability to turn off and on all HUD and UI.

19: More than one save slot for single player, at least 3, it would be great for up to 10 or 100! Just saying.

20: New trophies/achievements for future updates. To keep us hunters busy.

21 (bonus): Butt physics… yeah… I know, it’s all in good fun.

I would like to see all these added to the game, I don’t expect these all added at once, but I would like to see them added over time. I know people are going to suggest mods to add these suggestions to the game, but me and many other people play on console and would like to see these on our platform.
Let me know what you would like to see.

P.S. hurricane Florence is going to hit land where I live with the next 24 hours and my internet may go out so I may not be able to respond to everyone’s comments for a while if that happens.



Oh and the ability to control the purge in admin mode.


A photo mode in single player would be great too.


Number 1 is already in the server settings. Number 14 can be accessed through the admin panel or changed in server settings. Number 3, 11, 12 and 21 are all in mods already, the last being kind of glitchy.

I couldn’t agree with anything more than Number 10! I like most of your suggestions and since mods aren’t really supported on consoles (and some of those are ‘things’ on PC), the extra stuff would be nice, but definitely not top priority stuff. It’s a nice wish list that most would agree with. :grin:




Thank you.




New emotes added to future updates.


Like Ark (a similar game using the same game engine) a Nintendo Switch port of the game, to play the game anywhere.


When all DLC and all updates have concluded release a complete edition of the game (physical release).


Economy system with NPCs.


Allow for more players in co-op mode (6 to 8 at least), and expand the radius of how far you can be from one another.


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