D.O.P.E Suggestions (it's an acronym)

D.O.P.E stands for Do Obvious Practical Enhancements. Forget all that outlandish crap. You’re not here for that. You’re here to see if quality of life gets any better down the road and if even half of these suggestions make the cut, it will be. Also here is a link to a similar post of mine that has some suggestions that might be even better >>15 simple changes

Lighting adjustment - more contrast

Breakable pottery and crates in enemy camps

Prisoner cages for thralls with lockable doors

Real treasure chests at shipwrecks

No wind indoors

Enemies able to be knocked off of ledges

Moving bodies of water

Dirty bodies of water


More voice lines from the main character

Less clipping of clothing

New and varied poses for npcs

Craftable oar boats

Brighter candles and lanterns

Thralls sleep in their own beds at nighttime if assigned one

Bread consumable item

Blood splatter stays on body until you swim or it rains.


News feed at the main menu

Ability to repair anything

Glowing outline for player’s corpse

Ability to move all objects around after placing them

Different kinds of acoustics depending on the structure

Less noisy compost


Also if anyone wants to give feedback that is not in this format, go for it

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This post has been condensed and is closer to the way I want it, but if anyone has more DOPE suggestions to add to it, it would be appreciated.

ps: Still enjoying this game, so keep up the good work Funcom.


More suggestions here:

Riposte that knocks down enemies

Bombs and other throwing items show a trajectory

Barrels and other kinds of containers found in the world contain water or ale

Shalebacks attack when you steal their eggs

Aggro’d human npc’s don’t give as much chase at night (low visibility)

Short fall distances not causing dismemberment

Dismemberment mostly with limbs and head instead of half the human body (it just doesn’t make sense sometimes)

Firebowl Cauldron has bubbling sound

Stove has sizzling sound

Torches stay out when you’ve put them out and log back in (bug?)

Increased food health restoration

Swimming in water slows you down for a few seconds upon emerging

Sepermeru guards bid you welcome verbally

Overburdern message vanishes quicker


Bread already exists.

Oh ok, good stuff. Do you need a thrall to cook it?

Nevermind, just realized this was a link. Thanks again.

Quality of life, eh?

How about REMOVING that stupid overburdent popup from the UI?


Seriously. It also lingers after it appears!


I am adding more suggestions once again, but what I think I will do next time if this happens is post a fresh new version of this same topic, but organized in categories so it will be easier for people to jump in and add their own opinions instead of one man talking to himself. These are longer as well, but anywho, here they are:

All items stack to 100. Honey, cochineal, glowing essence, etc. will never stack greater than 20 or so, and it is inhibiting me from conserving inventory space. This is perhaps one of the most important DOPE changes

Firebowl Cauldron inventory slots capacity 2x bigger

Faster underwater swimming with its own alternate swim animation

Nerf of the “deep breath” perk under the vitality attribute. Double breathing capacity so early in the vitality tree seems too forgiving. Also, another way of doing it without nerfing it, would be to switch “deep breath” under vitality with the perk “iron hard muscles” under the grit attribute. Then with “iron hard muscles” in deep breath’s old spot under vitality, move it second from the bottom above “gluttonous gains” so that they player’s character doesn’t become OP too early. Does anyone know how much damage resistance “iron hard muscles” provides? Maybe it would fit ok as an earlier perk in vitality, but I assumed it would be pretty strong.

it’s balancing thing and this limitations are needed

it’s pretty useless ability and should not be moved cause vitality is full of useful abilities which actually does give advantage


More suggestions:

Thralls can trow water orbs to shut down fire orbs during sieges (aka thralls detect fire and use water orbs on them)

Mobs do balanced damage to buildings so they can be indirectly used for raiding (like in early EA , I loved opening people bases with rocknoses and rinos xD ) also on pve and pve-c

Animation for eating, drinking and healing, not this “stopped bandaging” nonsense

A “rotate” option for building pieces like walls, take the Rust example: within 10 minutes from placing you can rotate any building structure by looking at said piece with a repair hammer in hand and while holding the use button, it gives the rotate menù.


“Mobs do balanced damage to buildings so they can be indirectly used for raiding (like in early EA , I loved opening people bases with rocknoses and rinos xD ) also on pve…”

As much as it would usefull agains PVE griefers …
Like the guy who blocked the white tiger’s spawn and we cannot get rid of his not used building. (only comes back to prolong decay) So yeah an option against these kind of ■■■■■■■■ would be great…but

“Mobs do balanced damage to buildings so they can be indirectly used for raiding”

I would not like that to happen at all. PVE is PVE No Player actions should affect another player at all. (I mean in a harmfull way)

If you wanna “hurt” someone or his/her buildings go play PVP
On a conflict PVE It’s okay I guess when conflict time is on.

On the other hand if mobs would do BALANCED damage to buildings by default that would be awesome.
I mean an elephant could tear down wooden or sandstone building over a bigger timeframe (especially the king…)
But for instance cats, wolfes, hyennas shouldn’t be able to harm t2 or above at all.

And we would need a mechanic if another player agroo these mobs their ability to harm other ppl’s structures should be 0-ed on PVE so it CAN’T be used as a raiding of sort.

Yes, that’s what I meant, small mobs should only damage rp placebles and t1 stuff, the bigger the mob the higher tier it can break.

As far as I see it it’s still PvE, it’s the player against the environment and being a domination game you are basically dominating the environment and put it to (comedic) use.

Funcom could make that on PvE-C raid time means mobs do damage to buildings.


More sugg:

Make fire arrows do fire-heat damage to player and creatures like the bleeding mechanic.

Make the landing pad of the elevator “snappable” so people don’t have to foundation tower all the way down to align their builds.


Given that the Khitan DLC armor is cold-protect, so should be the Khitan building blocks. Maybe some people would lose their minds, but the temperature difference between Reinforced Stone and Black Ice Reinforced Wood isn’t all that big.

(I’m also assuming that the Aquilonian will be heat-protect armor; will it also be Reinforced Stone?)

Hmmm… I wonder, isn’t there already “Real” treasure chests scattered around the ship wrecks? (Last I checked there were, and they tended to give gold and silver…)

[quote=“Merc-Prince, post:1, topic:10366”]
Enemies able to be knocked off of ledges
[/quote] Yes, and make them take fall damage too…

We can with most anything that isn’t a container, though it would be nice if we could move containers around too, instead of having to destroy them every time(Even if we have to empty them to move them…)

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