I think that some finishes are missing

I would like to send a greeting to the developers; - super cool game you’ve made. I actually think it’s one of the very best games I’ve ever played, maybe the best. However, I thought that some finishes are missing (of course, the game has just arrived) and hope you will implement them sometime in the future, like today, haha. The following is a small part of the things that really annoys me, and I really hope you will look into it.

Missing in the game …

  1. Edit & Remove Markers from Map. (Pc Version)
  2. Repair costs must be lowered a lot. (eg 1 Ironbar instead of 15!)
  3. Game missing a million Tooltips!
  4. When mob kills you, it’s annoying that it camp your dead body (lost many things because I could not loote my dead body). Mob should run back to where it came from!
  5. It’s very annoying to press E to get in on your own door on the base. The door should go up automatically! (Or you should have an option to set it up for it)
  6. Annoying that I can not fill water in shallow river! I’ll have to find a smaller lake as a minimum!
  7. I really need a bar where I can see the day cycle.
  8. More sounds and screen effects are missing; - eg. leveling up.

GIRL POWER. :slight_smile:

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Repairs do become cheaper as you progress.

For instance, once you get a Blacksmith thrall, put your tools and weapons on the blacksmith’s bench to repair them. You will get a cost reduction, just like you do for crafting.

Also, once you get to the good repair kits, use those instead of raw materials! You can repair like 90% of something for only 3 bars then. Steel and hardened steel repairs kits. The lower ones are not worth using, really.

Super cool, thx. :slight_smile: